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A note on our playfull side...

2022-08-09 00:00:03

A note on our playfull side...

From Master: For everyone wondering what its like for us after 13 years of marriage here is a funny story from our trip to the Loves Truck stop.

So I had to run to get new mud flaps for my dump truck and asked Ali if she wanted to go with of course she did. So we set off on our little trek since loves is like 30 miles away. once there of course I wonder looking at accessories for the truck and what not my wife is looking at tourist stuff and said she wanted a snack so I'm like sure. she finds something she wants and a drink. I find something we have not tried yet. It’s a bourbon and bacon sausage stick with a bacon cheese stick. Of course, I am expected to share well while standing at counter paying for everything Ali wonders off distracted by shiney stuff and I see Sweet tarts golden ropes so naturally I toss them in. She didn’t see me grab them.

Now were on the way home we are talking about a car accident that seems to be multiple vehicles scattered sporadically along the road. Were piecing it together as Ali eats her snack. she asks me if I opened my cheese yet? I tell her no but when I do she will get some. now for about 20 mins or so she is giving me nasty looks while I chow down on sweet tarts ropes. Looks that say she’s about to stab me. I on the other hand missed out on a sweet burn because I had no idea, she thought the ropes were cheese and she was getting mad I was not sharing. If I would have known she thought it was cheese I would have fed her one. she finally burst out mad saying, why are you not sharing, and grabs the bag only to see it’s not cheese. Now we are laughing so hard we have tears running down our faces. I was straight up in the dog house for not sharing my candy that she would hate. And that folks if how marriage survives 13 years.

Ali’s perspective: Imagine your spouse eating your favorite food, one right after the other. Your starving. He just keeps eating it saying nothing. Not even acknowledging the death glares... then you see its some candy you won't even eat. Big dissatisfaction here.

We were chilling on the couch when a commercial for boy meets world came on. Tapanga is explaining corey that he can be honest about anything from here on out without fear of persecution. Corey tries it by asking tapanga to stop using his razor and she agrees, kissing him and leaving. Corey excliams. Honesty all the time, this is gonna be great. To which his roomamte eye rolls or something.

In all typical me fashion I turn to rick and ask "you don't ever lie to me, do you?"

Rick says all the time and chuckles.

So I asked him what about and he says, "like when you ask if your pretty, I lie, your face really looks like a dogs butt." He starts chuckling as I race in to punch him. I'm swinging blows all over but missing and then he grabs me, pulls me in for a hug and I motion to my now broken flip flop.

In true sadist fashion, he grabs it, spanks me a lot with it. All over my body. Then he fixes it before suggesting a mostly vanilla sex romp on the couch. :) I do love him a lot. Even though he drives me crazy!

Porn star Deep Throating

Note to readers: this story is gross. 2 girls 1 cup gross (never seen it, guessing off rumors) so if you don't want to be grossed out, don't read it.

This story starts at work while bored. I hadn't seen a customer in an hour so I started shopping. I had a thought of buying something fun to show Master I appreciate all the things he does for me. Looking at numbing sprays. I can deepthroat yes, for short periods of time. I wanted to get better. I saw it hanging on the wall and thought, its a miracle. Instant pornstar spray. Then quickly wondered why they flavor everything. Settled on spearamint (still nasty however)

Then went back to reading penthouse and texting people. I discovered a penthouse club is in san fran and now I really want to go. Was texting my boyfriend about my naughty plans.

The store stayed empty till close so I was out early. Raced home to bed and sprayed my throat. Then the boyfriend called. He was delighted about discovering butter cake. :) also told me of a place called supper club. Seriously. San fran is everything. I need to move. I reminded him of my plans, said our loves and goodbyes.

I started out great. I was outdoing porn stars. In, out, fast, deep, harder, deeper, faster. For a minute... then it came... I gagged. Couldn't pull off fast enough. I threw up, the bed and him became a lake. It was gross and mortifying.

Hes a good sport though. We cleaned up the bed and when I returned he had theese cards in his hand. Cards I had never seen before. Position reward cards. I picked one and got into position. What fallowed was the best oral he has ever given. The best oral I have ever recieved. Oral for effort!

Then he took control. He put me in missionary position and did his frog squat move thing I like so much. Its fast, rough and feels amazing. It also doesn't take him long to finish.

After a quick shower he and I were cuddling in bed. He reassured me I shouldn't worry about the misshap. Ask anyone I've been with. Sometimes things don't work out and go horribly wrong. Its ok, just dust off and move on :).

little things

Its always the little things that make me love Lord_Mithus so much.

Driving me around

Bringing me lunch when I'm called in early and go on the fly.

Putting up with my bitchy side

Putting up with my workaholicness

Bringing me flowers out of the blue

Finishing my creative ideas :)

Our little drives

Our woodsy picnics

Your problem solving on the fly.

Calling or texting just because.

Your hands on me, in me, when I cook or clean.

Your never ending love for me.

Lots of things. I just love him a lot!


So if you didn't know, Master and I are very playfull as a couple and expecially during sex or any scenes. Were not serious at all. I love it.

The other night master had me in missionary. I can't remember what prompted my outburst but I threatened to push him off me, and kick his face. (Excessive licking or tickling maybe?) Than instantly broke into a bratty fit og laughter. He was quick to pin my arms down urging me to try. So I did, however he is bigger and stronger. He leaned in and loomed over me. I couldn't move. He kept urging me to try harder. Mocking my failure as I tried. Eventually he gave in and flopped back on the bed to which I tapped his cheek with my foot in responce. Still lost in a giggle fit.

Then he did something utterly diabolical... he licked my toes. Eeewwwww.

Typical us. Resume sex till climax and end scene.

roll the dice

We got some sex dice. Not just any dice though. Kinky bdsm dice! We also got cards. Kinky bdsm cards of course. So we rolled the dice. Playfull whips doggy style. I took mine good. Then I rolled and got playfull whips standing up. No whips around so we used our riding crop. I hit him hard a few good times. Nothing hurts him. Of course we both took turns using the tickler on the other end. He tied me up and i tied him up. All with the dice rolls of course.

Then onto cards. My hands tied behind my back straddling him and going strong for a bit. The next card had directions for me to sit on his thighs. Twice we tried the challenging pose and twice i fell. Master laughed and said "were too fat for this".

Then he ball gagged me and put me in reverse cowgirl for a bit. From then on it was his scene and he assumed control. He went doggy for a while before removing my gag and sending me over the edge with a good boob cropping.

When it was all done and we were spent I grabbed the crop, flicked his head and giggled smarting off "shoulda had a v8."

Then he hit my ass hard for it. Lesson learned. Run next time ;-)

Feb 2, 2015

how to write a college paper

How to write a paper

Procrastinate for fucking 3 dam days while Master nags you

Take a few notes

Procrastinate again

Play hookie from work because your daughter faked sick and got sent home from school.

Think about the paper but snack instead

Have sex for the first time in 2 weeks during nap time.

Beg to go again only to be forced to compute

Begn for polar pop and nachos

Eat nachos and down polar po

Write paragraph

Ask which is better, DC or Marvel

Blame master for distracting you when he exlains for over ten minutes why you can't ask that

Write 2 more paragraphs and then take a few phone calls

Write some more

Take a smoke break. Nvm that you dont smoke. That lit cigar makes you feel cool as you gossip with a friend.

Finish paper

Smoke again.

I think masters waiting and watching was more agonizing for him than the paper was for me lol. He concludes the night with, "and you now have 2 papers each week for the rest of the term" good grief.

Sep 27, 2016


Rick asks me if I was going to bed. I tell no that i just moved because i was naked and your friend was at the door. He playfully tells me in the kitchen that I shouldn't sit around naked. He gives not much reason so the brat comes out. "Guess its good I'm standing then."

Next thing im bound and bent over the deep freeze getting a spanking. A hard hurty one. Not a fun one.

Oct 5, 2016


Please keep in mind that we are a goofy fun couple in this candid moment story. This is not intended to stir a debate on consent, offend anyone, or raise questions about my relationship.

I got new shorts for the first time this decade and intend to wear them in our fl. Heat waves. So I'm trying a pair on and banding over for Inspection... I said "Look at these shorts". He slapped my ass. I made a joke about him not understanding consent. He continued to spank me. I made a joking threat to choke him out over his lack of regard for consent. This got howls of laughter and more spanks. He's 6ft. I can't even with him lol. He makes another joke while tickling about blanket consent because he bought me (marriage joke). So I mount him and he keeps swatting at my ass. I go for the choke hold and fail. I mention that I've made it clear for him only to look.


He gets that dopey grin and says "I was looking, with my hands." Suddenly I'm laughing so hard my side is splitting and I can't bring myself to choke him anymore. Were both laying there dying of laughter. If that gave you a chuckle it did its job.

May 28, 2018

Awkward ending

That awkward moment when your trying to watch lesbian porn but a spider crawls across your phone so you throw it, and wake the whole household. Oooops. Lol

Jun 26, 2018

Lie to me

We got the cave and the entrance was small. Small spaces put me on edge. You said I'd be fine. I was uneasy. I had already noticed 2 webs. You said there wouldnt be spiders down there. I wasnt born last night but I went along with it. Once inside I looked everywhere and didnt see anything. I relaxed a bit. I sat down taking it all in. My first spelunking trip. I took some photos. You kept asking me to move along and join you elsewhere (just suggesting kindly that we keep going) but i stayed put just soaking it up. So you came to join me. You couldn't tell me what you saw because I'd hyperventalate and go full blown panic. So you searched for a nice way to handle things. You saw a spider the size of a 50 cent peice sitting just half an inch from my hand. When I wouldnt move, you moved the spider. Nonchalantly making it scurry away. Eventually we did move. We started to fool around but a cave cricket came next. I asked you to kill it, you did not, but you made it go away. We looked for the bat but he was gone to your relief. I threatened to pet him if I saw him and I was serious, rabies or not (I've already had the lecture, skip it please). You kept us moving. I kept looking but you were the only one spotting the spiders so you guided accordingly. Eventually we headed back for the exit. I became fixated on a small crawlspace with a little bend. I said let's see what's around the bend. You gave me lighting for my photo. When I asked you to crawl to the bend and see what's around it, you agreed. You got about half way to the bend when you said "I dont think I can hun, I'm too big". You came out and suggested we exit the cave. We had seen it all already anyways. You said nothing. You were patient during all 3 of my failed attempts to climb out. once we got out and had walked just down the trail you spilled all the beans. The bend was home to a teacup saucer sized black furry spider. When you went to get my photo, he came out to say hhello. YYou didnt know his plan so you wrapped things up. You lied and calmly helped me exit the situation. If I had seen it, or the several others I would have screamed, hyperventilated, and probably caused my self a concussion mid panic.

Instead you lied to me and I had a wonderful time. Ignorance is bliss. Thank you for today.