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Arizona Angel

2022-08-06 00:00:04

Hey, my name is Dan. I'm 32 years old and this is my story about an amazing girl and my exploits with her. First, let me tell you about me. I'm 6' 2'' with brown hair and light blue eyes. I'm of an average build you could say. I'm not exactly 'Hollywood Hot' in appearance, but I'm certainly not mirror-breaking grotesque either. Thoroughly average as a friend of mine once said. I was always socially awkward when it came to girls when I was younger, but since then I have become more comfortable around members of the female gender.

Now let me tell you about Angel. She's 5' 4'', 21 years old with mid-length, medium brown hair and had a petite figure but had decent curves for a girl her size. I know nothing about girl sizes in inches so I can't exactly tell you an accurate portrayal overall, however she had a nice set of tits somewhere between 38A and 32B. A nice handful size each, which was good because I believe anything more than that is a waste anyway. Lastly, she wore glasses on a normal basis which in my opinion is adorable and cute. There was one interesting fact about her though, but I will tell you about that in a bit.

It was mid afternoon in Scottsdale, Arizona, and my family and I had just flown into town for my cousin's wedding. I had been awake for nearly 24 hours and with little food in me I was in a mood I call hangry, a combination of hungry and angry.

My mood all changed when Angel came over to our table. She took our order and was the most pleasant little thing of a waitress I'd ever interacted with.

Throughout lunch I couldn't think of anything else but her. I didn't do anything about it except learn her name. I was only going to be in town for a couple weeks, so I wasn't planning on making it anywhere with any girl in that short of time. See, I'm from New York and every single girl I know there has taken me ages to even remotely gain progress with. So, my family and I went about our business for the day and by the end, we ended up going to this place called Social Tap. It was a relatively nice place, but the more important part is that somehow, fate played her part and Angel was also there.

I thought, screw it, I'm only here for a short while. If I screw up and make an idiot out of myself, it's not like I'll ever be coming back here any time soon. So with that attitude in mind, I made my approach toward her. She looked hot when she was in her tanktop for work, however when she dressed up to go out, damn she was fucking gorgeous. She had on a black halter top with Daisy Duke cutoff shorts and black, strappy heel shoes.

She recognized me from the restaurant earlier.

"Hey, I remember you. Are you still 'hangry' like you were earlier?" She asked in a friendly, possibly even flirty manner.

"Nope. I got food, I took a nap and now I have alcohol, so I'm good." I responded, indicating the bottle of beer in my hand. "What about you? How you doin'?"

She gave a slight huffed sigh. "I was here with my friends, but they all ran off somewhere. I think one might be fucking some guy in the bathroom." She said as she rolled her eyes. "So I'm just drinking alone."

"Fuck that shit." I said as I sat down at her table. "No girl, especially a cute one like you, should be drinking alone."

She laughed and welcomed my company, and for the next hour or so we were talking, I had learned that she had recently moved to Scottsdale and she learned why I was in town and where I was from. Apparently being from New York has its perks when you're in Arizona.

But then it came to the time to find out if I had a chance. "So would your boyfriend be pissed to see you drinking with another guy?"

She responded with the perfect opening for me. "I... don't have a boyfriend."

"Why not? I mean you're cute enough."

She giggled. "Thanks for the compliment, but guys are kind of turned away when they find out the truth about me." She had a dejected tone and I gave her a questioning glance. "Well, I don't normally tell people this, especially random strangers, but I'm transgendered."

"Ah, so you were born a guy then?"

"Yeah, but all through high school I always felt something was off. I learned about transgenders in college and it sort of clicked in my brain. I liked men, but not in a gay sense. I felt I was a girl trapped in a boy's body."

"Ok, so you were born a guy. Why should that bother anyone? It's a relatively accepting world now, right?" I was actually quite interested now as I had known a few transgendered people from back home. I had actually slept with one of them a few years prior, but that's a different story.

"Well, guys only look at the time of me being a guy and just... I don't know... lose interest."

I could tell she was getting a bit down about the subject. "Well, I for one don't care that you were a guy at one point. Right now you're a hot, sexy girl and any guy would be lucky to be with you." It was a cliche line, I know, but somehow this time it worked.

"Aw, thanks. You're sweet." She responded.

After a moment of silence between us, I broke it before it became awkward by asking. "Hey, you wanna get out of here? Your friends are obviously busy with other things."

Angel gave a relieved sigh. "God I thought you'd never ask."

As my drinks were all open bar tabbed for the night, I didn't have to worry about mine and I allowed hers to be grouped with mine. So as we didn't have to bother paying a tab, we just made for the door. I took her by the hand and led her back to my hotel.

The moment we got through the door, I turned and pinned Angel to the wall, locking my lips to hers. I had a brief thought of if she would reject my advance, but then I figured if she was going to, she wouldn't have come back to the hotel with me. She confirmed this by shoving her tongue in my mouth to dance around with mine.

Without hesitation, Angel traced her hands down my chest and stomach to my belt and made quick work to unbuckle it. She slid her hand into my wasteband and wrapped her slender fingers around my already hard cock.

Now I'm not exactly porn star sized, but I do have a nice 7.5'' when fully hard. But being about average didn't stop her from saying I was, in her words, 'fucking huge'.

I broke off our kiss and trailed down to her neck and collar bone. I began passionately kissing and sucking on her skin. Angel's moans of pleasure combined with her stroking my cock faster was confirmation for me to keep going. So I did.

I took the neck strap of her halter top and pulled it over her head and letting it drop, revealing her small, but gorgeous tits and her tiny pink nipples. I lowered further and began sucking lightly on her right nipple while my hand found its way to her other and playfully massaged it and gave her left nipple a slight pinch.

It was not long before she pushed me away. I was about to question why, however when she reversed to pin me to the wall and dropped to her knees, I knew what she was after.

Angel hastily unbuttoned my shorts and let them and my boxers drop to the floor, releasing my cock to greet her hungry gaze.

"God I want your cock in my throat, she moaned through heavy breaths and took me straight into the warm wetness of her mouth.

Angel drove half of my hard shaft passed her lips and gazed up at me. Her eyes had a mixture of innocence and lust. Slowly, she began bobbing her head up and down, working more of my cock into her throat as she came back in. In about a dozen strokes, she had begun taking my full length into her wet mouth. It was a beautiful sight to see.

I don't know how long she was there sucking me, but after what seemed like an hour I felt my balls beginning to tense. "Fuck, baby, I'm gonna cum." I struggled with saying my warning. I didn't want to give her an unexpected surprise, but the simple 'mhmm' was all I needed to hear. She kept sucking, even more vigorously in fact, and soon I felt myself erupt. The moment I started to cum, Angel drove my cock as far into her mouth as she could, allowing my warm cum to spray deep into her throat.

Angel pulled her mouth off of me with an audible pop. She leaned back and swallowed hard. I was completely caught by surprise with that. "God you're fucking delicious."

"And you're really good at that. Other guys are fucking stupid for not sticking with you." I complimented.

Now at this point, I would like to say that I was still hard and ready to go for more, but where I was indeed still hard, I wasn't exactly ready to fuck her just yet. I helped her up and guided her into the bedroom and shoved her down on the bed. She propped herself up on her arms and gave me a grin before fully removing her halter.

"My pussy's so wet for you baby." She teased sensually.

For those wondering, yes, transgendered girls can definitely get wet and have a clit. They can also cum if they are given the right stimulation. I did not know that before I fucked one.

"Help me out of these." She wiggled her hips implying her shorts.

Without hesitation I dove right in. Within seconds I had her button undone and slid her shorts off, revealing her black panties. They weren't anything special like lace, but I'm a simple man, so just seeing this beautiful girl nearly completely naked in front of me, bathed in moonlight from the window was one of the hottest things I'd ever seen.

I knelt at the edge of the bed and pulled Angel toward me. I kissed up her inner thighs with tender, barely there kisses. She began gyrating her hips in anticipation of what was coming. I placed a few kisses on her panty-covered pussy before I reached up and hooked my fingers on the waistband.

Slowly I pulled to reveal her perfectly shaved and smooth pussy. I brought my lips down onto her and began kissing and licking her wetness. She was delicious. I brought one hand up and licked my middle and ring finger. Gingerly I penetrated her dripping hole up to the first knuckles, then the second. I withdrew them and thrusted them again, a few slow strokes at first but increased the pace after.

While I fingered her tight hole, my lips found her clit and locked down on it. My tongue flicked across it and Angel made moans of approval. She grinded her hips and her pussy into my face. She gripped my hair with one hand and the bed sheets with the other as her head rolled from side to side. "Oh fuck!" She whined. "I'm gonna fucking cum!"

Her pussy started squeezing my fingers, making both them and her tight hole incredibly wet. She arched her back and cried out in pleasure. "Fuck! Fuck!" She huffed.

Angel's orgasm lasted only about a minute, but I'm sure that it felt a lot longer for her.

"Hurry! Fuck me! I want you inside me!" She demanded through strained breaths.

How could I object. I stood and climbed onto the bed over her as she slid herself up. I teased the head of my cock at her opening for a moment. "Oh I want it baby." She moaned. I thrust my hips forward, sliding my hard shaft into her slick pussy. "Oh that's so fucking good!" She cried. "Fuck me!"

I thrust deep into her, burying myself as deep into her as I could. She responded by wrapping her legs around my waist and her hands around the back of my neck. I increased the pace and she continued to moan. I felt my balls slapping against her tight little asshole on every thrust.

After a few more minutes, my own arms started aching, so I rolled onto my back, pulling her on top of me, never once breaking our connection. She mounted up and rode me like a professional rodeo star. She planted her hands on my chest to stabilize herself with every bounce. She let out a huffed moan each time she came down, spearing herself on my cock.

It didn't take much longer before I felt her pussy start clamping onto me. Her moans became louder as her orgasm started coursing through her. It was all I needed to send me over the edge myself. "Fuck baby, I'm gonna cum." I groaned.

"Cum inside me!" She demanded. "I wanna feel your cum inside me."

With that, I let it go. My cum filled her pussy, sending her into yet another orgasm of her own. She screamed out loud as she rode me, milking every drop out of my balls.

She collapsed onto my chest, sweaty and breathing heavy. "God I needed that." She managed to say through her breaths.

We started to wind down yet my cock stayed inside her.

"Thank you." She said to me, now that her breathing had returned to normal.

"For what?"

"For not freaking out like everyone else." She gazed up into my eyes. "You're not like other guys. You don't judge me."

"Oh, I am judging you." I teased. "You get a 8.3 out of 10."

She chuckled. "That's all? I'm not a 10 out of 10?"

"I'm part German."

She chuckled again. "Ok. But I don't mean like that. I mean about... you know." She looked away.

I turned her gaze back to me. "I'd never judge anyone like that. You're just as much a girl as others who were born girls."

"Thank you anyway." She gave me a soft kiss and laid her head on my chest and was soon fast asleep.

I kissed the top of her head. "You're welcome."