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First time is the best...Part -4

2022-05-16 00:00:03


Samarth's life had changed. He could not stop thinking about the incidents that had taken place in the past few days, and the more he thought about it the more his hardon sustained. Wherever he went, whatever he did, all that stayed on his mind was SAKSHI...

It was tough enough that he had Sakshi on his mind..now where ever he saw pretty feet he just wanted to push his his hard member in between them..class mates..seniors..even his 35 year old Chemistry Teacher also made him hard today..he tried to catch some sleep thinking that will take away his hardness..

It had only been 10 minutes when his teacher gave the class an assignment and sat down to refer some notes when Samarth woke up. The first site he was greeted to was Mrs. Shergill's feet, which were out of her shoes, dangling and getting Samarth harder by the second.

By the end of the 1 minute mark Samarth had reached his pinnacle and knew that he needed to release himself...He looked around and as he was sitting at the end of the class so no one inside the class could see if he did anything...But if anyone was to pass on the outside of the class, they would have had a clear view of him and Mrs. Shergill's feet and what he was doing!

He was scared and he tried to control his urges thinking of the risk involved...but the more time passed he could not see anyone passing by...Finally he decided he could take it no more and he unbuttoned his school shorts and tried his level best to pleasure himself.

Having never done it earlier he did enjoy it..but it was no where close to his past experiences...Still he kept beating himself the best he could..

It was just 10 more minutes for the class and the day to end..Samarth was still beating himself off when all of a sudden a person entered his class and started talking to Mrs. Shergill...he was stunned...he could not move and when he did move, he saw some one staring right at his full errection...dancing around in all its glory..

Samarth was sure he would be caught now..he realised who it was standing in front of him...It was Riddhi Shergill..his teacher's daughter who was 3 years senior to him..he was on the verge of tears but then suddenly Mrs. Shergill informed Riddhi that she would get late and with just that Riddhi left...Without making any fuss about what she saw..

Samarth was stunned and his eyes kept followong her till the door where she turned just a little, gave Samarth a wink and left...and before Samarth could ever realise what just happened..the bell rang and there was a loud hussle-bustle...Samarth packed himself up and ran towards the washroom to hide his shame from others outside.

Samarth reached the bathroom and whipped it free. He did not touch it, he just kept breathing hard, trying to calm down. It took 2 minutes but his errection went away and so he started to get out of the washroom.

As he took the first step towards the door he was stunned to see a figure standing at the door, and it was Riddhi, the girl who had just caught him and now caught him again. Samarth stood his ground, he did not know how to get out of this situation.

Riddhi walked in, closer and closer to Samarth. She walked right in front of him..."What is your name kiddo?"

Samarth fumbled but found the answer.."Didi my name is Samarth."

"Hmm..you have quite a sexual drive for your age..must be porns and masturbation..am i right?"

Samarth was embarassed but answered no with a nod.

"Really and were u not masturbating to my mother in the classroom?"

This time Samarth was out of answers. Riddhi kept asking him again and again but he just stayed shut.

"Alright..if not to me then to my mother..i will let her know!"

Saying that Riddhi started on her way out when Samarth broke his trance.

"I am SORRY..please dont do that"

"Sorry for what?"

"I have a feet-fetish...when i see pretty feet then i cant help myself...i just feel the need to .." he felt short of words!!

Riddhi completed it for him.."need to Masturbate?"

"Yes! but unlike most guys i dont know how to...what to..how..when" and he kept stammering on.

Riddhi moved closer to him, put a finger on his lip and asked him "Now listen kiddo...I will ask this once...so better speak the truth"

Now Riddhi was no ordinary girl..she was supposed to be the hottest girl in the school and she knew the effect she had on guys when she stood close to them, close enough

that they can feel her heat. She was standing right in front of Samarth, standing aleast 3 or 4 " over him and she knew what ever she asked, this kid cant lie about it.

"Do you know how to masturbate?"

This time Samarth was happy as he could answer this truthfully..."No..i dont..i really dont"

"You are weird kid. But you are cute..." she kept scanning him top to bottom when she got an idea and her eyes lit up with the naughtiness inside of her..."You just have to pass one last test, and then i can let you go."

Samarth could see his problems reducing so he happily complied with Riddhi..."OK didi..i will do what you say."

"Go and sit down inside the stall" she pointed to the empty stalls at the back of the room. After Samarth sat down, Riddhi walked into the stall and placed one of her feet on the seat over which Samarth sat, she asked him "So, u say u have a foot-fetish...only one way to find out".

She ordered him to untie her laces and take off the shoe, he complied. As he got rid of her shoes he was greeted to her pretty size 6 feet. Samarth was back to the familiar wanting place, he started regaining hardness, but he was still scared.Riddhi could see the way he was lost in her feet. She knew the kid was not lying as she could see his erection through his shorts, but she did not want to stop. She had had her share of guys and action but guys her age were all perverted and wanted just a piece of her 34C cups, grope her ass and fill her pussy. This on the other hand was different, she for the very first time had a guy who was not looking at her chest but rather at her feet. She could do all she wanted, she could make him do all she wanted, she could tease him all she wanted.

"Like them?" Riddhi broke the silence with a grin to her face.

Samarth nodded his approval.

"You really do like it a lot...I can see that!" with that she placed her feet right on top of his hardon, which got a moan out of Samarth. She kept moving her toe nails over his erection, making him shiver more and more. She then took her feet away and placed them on his knees. She slowly guided her soles across his inner thighs, into his shorts till she reached the edge of his leg and groin. She kept moving her toes in this crevace between his genitals and legs and this made Samarth moan even louder.

Samarth was aching for a release and Riddhi could see it in the way he was bucking againt her toes..she had never made a guy come with her feet but seeing his response to things she believed this could a positive start.Riddhi asked Samarth to take his shorts down and he obliged in a matter of seconds..and now she could see his hard-on in its full glory.
She placed his erection between her big toe and the adascent toe and started tugging at it..a littl too hard...but instead of pain, all Samarth could feel was pleasure..so muh pleasure that within the next 10 seonds he could feel his balls tighten..

Samarth had every intension of blasting hs seed but was too scared of Riddhi..he told Riddhi "Didi..please stop!! I am about to blast...please stop"
This made Riddhi more exited and she began stroking him harder, leading him to ejaulate big, spreading his seed all around the stall..some of it on his own shirt and some on Riddhi's skirt. She did not seem to mind as she just collected all the goo up from her skirt and put it in her mouth.

After enojoying his spunk to her contentment she spoke "Are you a virgin kiddo!"..to which Samarth nodded.
A sudden evin grin came to her face and she spoke more to herself than to him "Not for long ;-)"

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