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Lockdown - Daughter's Story 3

2022-09-20 01:15:45

Dad and I continued to fuck whenever we could. We didn't always need the assistance of Robertbi on the Sex Forum to get us hot and horny. Any time Mum was out of the house we would fuck, often on my bed with Dad either fucking me doggy or me riding on his big cock with him facing me. That was the sexiest because Dad had to look at me when he fucked my cunt with his big cock. He fondled my tits and sometimes kissed me in a sexy way, not kisses of a Father and Daughter. Even naughtier we sometimes fucked when Mum was in the house. Being a young adult I always had my phone with me, and I would be sitting in the living room with Mum and Dad when I would text Dad asking him how his cock was. Was it hard and if so did he want to fuck my wet pussy? I would tease him by licking my lips, discreetly rubbing my pussy, flicking my hand across my nipples to get his cock even bigger in preparation of fucking me. I always made sure that I would be wearing a skirt on these occasions to ensure that Dad had easy access and in case of an emergency like Mum coming in I could just lower my skirt. Dad and I would go in to the kitchen where he would fuck me up against the wall, pulling up my skirt then my knickers to one side where he would find a very wet cunt. I would try and wrap my legs around Dad so that I could feel his cock hard penis deeper in my pussy and so that he could feel my big tits against him. This was very much "quicky" sex and this Dad would sometimes not cum did to the time window available, but sometimes he would. when he did cum to make me feel even dirtier I would just pull my knickers back across my pussy keeping Dad's spunk inside my knickers with some of it dribbling down my legs as I went back in to the front room. I would just sit back on to the sofa sometimes sitting next to Mum so that she could smell my sex but she never noticed anything. As I have said previously she wouldn't know what sex was even if a 12 inch cock was dangling in front of her face.

Patch started to spend a lot more time in my room and I managed to convince Dad to let him sleep in my room at night when I "needed" him. Patch would pick my cunt mainly through my knickers but if I was very horny I would take off my knickers to let him lick my naked cunt. His big rough tongue licking my wet cunt from my ass to my clit drove me to orgasm very quickly but I had to try and be quiet so as not to wake Mum and Dad. I also regularly started to wank Patch when I collected his spunk in a glass which I then drank. I didn't want to "blow" him when I was alone as I thought that there was no way I would be able to control my bodily functions and the risk of anything going wrong. I couldn't believe how much of a slut I had become but more was to come.

As Dad and I got closer spending more time together we became more honest with each other and I started to ask Dad about his sex life. He never said anything about his gay experiences. I still didn't know at this stage if it was still a fantasy of his or her been reality but what he did tell me shocked me greatly. My Gran who I loved dearly was married to a Vicar who had a massive cock, so Dad told me. Dad said that when he was a teenager he would sometimes spy on his Mum and Dad (Gran and Grandad) when they had sex if they had left their bedroom door open which happened usually when they had too much to drink. They had a very hot sex life, unbecoming of a Vicar, and Grandad had such a big cock he was able to suck himself. Whilst doing this Gran would lay on the bed naked playing with her big tits, something we have in common, and wet pussy. Whilst they played and fucked Dad would be peeping through the bedroom playing with his young cock that he took out of his pyjamas.

However, what he told me next was the biggest shock. He told me that when he was a teen he had fucked Gran. I thought I had got my hormones from Dad perhaps it was Gran. Grandad often went away regularly on Church business, and it turns out that Gran was a horny fucker. Unbeknown to Dad she had seen him wanking outside their bedroom door on occasions so she knew for his age he had a pretty big cock. Apparently she had masturbated about his cock both when Grandad was sucking himself and when she was alone when he was away with the Church. Being married to a Vicar she had very strong morals but she also loved sex and the thought of her son's cock became too tempting in the end. When Grandad was away she invited Dad in to her bedroom and Dad's descent in to hell began. When Dad told me this my own wicked mind switched in to overdrive and I started to role play as Gran. I couldn't totally dress as her but when I was with Dad on my own I would turn him on by saying "How I am looking today son, your Dad is away and my pussy is wet, do you want to fuck Mummy, I need you, Mummy's cunt is so wet, fuck Mummy, Mummy needs you know". This worked best on Dad when he was driving although it wasn't probably the best idea as he struggled to concentrate on his driving. However I loved it as I could see his cock growing in his crotch, struggling to stop within his trousers. I would stroke him as he drove whilst fingering my wet cunt as I spread my legs to show him my wet panties. He would call me a fucking tease, a fucking whore but all this did was to turn me on even more. Sometimes I would show him my tits dependent upon what I was wearing, all the time knowing that we would end up having great sex. We would pull over in to a lay-by or the local woods and have dirty sex up against a free or the car. Sometimes he would push me against the car and fuck me doggy on the car bonnet, whilst sometimes he would push me up against a free and fuck me whilst looking in to my eyes. All the time I would be saying things like "fuck your Mum, your Mum is a dirty whore who needs a big fucking cock, I have seen you spying on me you bad son now repay me, give Mum your huge cock". I am ashamed to say all of this occurred bareback and I wasn't on the pill so our trip would end with a detour to the chemist to get more Morning After Pills. I should have had my own seat in the chemists I was such a regular visitor.

I used my role play as a Mum on Robertbi as well when we chatted on the forum. He had never actually fucked his Mum and wasn't really in to it the first time but the second time and beyond he loves it. My other great role play with him was playing a 15 year old, the age when I really started to feel horny and wanted to fuck Dad. It took me 5 years to fuck him but I got there in the end. However, my depraved few weeks was about to take an ever more sexier turn .