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2023-01-21 01:33:34

In the afterglow she asked if she could tell me about one of her sexual fantasies, something she is very good at articulating.

“We are both naked sitting on high stools facing each other. We are both going to watch each other receive oral sex from people we have never met before.

“A male we have never met before is standing behind me teasing my nipples with his fingertips. His lady is watching as she prepares to tongue fuck me.

“Or perhaps a female we have never met before is is standing behind me teasing my nipples with her fingertips. Her man is watching as he prepares to tongue fuck me.

“And the same for you. A male we have never met before is teasing your nipples with his fingertips. His lady is watching as she prepares to give you a blow job.

“Or perhaps, a female we have never met before is standing behind you teasing your nipples with her fingertips. Her man is watching as he prepares to give you a blow job.”

“Or perhaps two men for me and two women for you. Which would you prefer?”

“Watching two men pleasuring you. Your turn on is my turn on. You know I love watching another man tongue fucking you.

“That could be very exciting for us baby. Do you have anyone in mind?,” I ask.

“My girl friend Alexis and her man Alex have us in mind. And they have another couple organised. This Saturday, two-thirty in their large house.

We made a point of arriving a little late to heighten the sexual tension for six people. Very impressive house in an expensive neighbourhood.

“It’s been too long Sarah,” Alexis smiles as she kisses Sarah and she responds. “And you must be Roger, I have heard lots of good things about you,” Alexis smiles as she kisses me.

She leads us to dimly lit room. The only furniture is full length wall mirrors on all the walls and more on the ceiling. And two stools facing each other.

“This is my man Alex and our friends Briony and Brian. They are both fifteen-years younger than us.” Alexis tells us as they look us over.

The women are both wearing heels, dressed in identical short, tight above the knee black cocktail dresses.

Wonderful legs and asses, both of them.

The men are both agitated, obviously sexually aroused, wearing identical, black, high waisted jock straps, that highlight their taut tanned bodies as they run oil over each others torsos. I watch on as Sarah looks closely at the bulges in their jock straps, then their exposed naked asses as they become even more agitated.

“Would you like to shower first?,” Alexis asks before she shows us to a large bathroom. “You are still an exciting woman Sarah,” she smiles as she watches us undress. “And I can see why you are rapt in your man,” she smiles as I enjoy her ogling my no longer flaccid cock before she departs.

As few minutes later Sarah and I walk into the mirror room holding hands with towels around our waists. As ever Sarah has made a point of wearing killer heels to accentuate her legs. She is in her element and the centre of attention as two males and two females ogle her wonderful thighs, tits and erect nipples.

Wonderful sexual tension as we tongue kiss with two excited couples watching. We are both very aroused as we kiss with just the tips our tongues. We love an audience. Always the exhibitionist Sarah tugs her towel and it falls to the floor to show her naked body.

“Oh wow, that ass is magnificent,” both men exclaim in unison.

Then she tugs my towel and it falls to the floor.

“Oh wow, that cock, he is magnificent,” both women exclaim in unison as they ogle my almost fully erect cock.

Then the two men, “Fuck he is hung, really hung,” as I take pleasure in stroking my cock for two men and their women.

“Showtime,” Alexis smiles as Sarah and I settle on the stools, legs spread, the centre of attention for two couples as they ogle our naked bodies.

“What are your preferences Sarah?,” Alexis asks.

“Two men, one standing behind me teasing my nipples while the other tongue fucks me.”

“Would you like Brian or my man to tongue fuck you?”

“Brian, the thought of a much younger man tongue fucking me while a fifteen year older man teases my nipples has great appeal to me.”

“Tell me what you want and would like from me Sarah?,” Brian asks as he licks the insides of her thighs.

“You haven’t told me Sarah, tell me what you want,” he asks again as his tongue teases her clit.

“I want you to lick my cunt, a tongue fuck and make me orgasm. I am multi-orgasmic.”

“And you Roger, who would you like to provide your blow job.”

“You please Alexis, the thought of a much younger woman watching you blow me, while she teases my nipples has great appeal. Especially with your man watching as he teases my lady’s nipples.

“For me too,” Briony adds. “You have the biggest erection I have ever seen.”

“I love it, just love it,” Sarah is moaning as Brian is licking her cunt lips, one leg over his shoulder with a foot on his back, while fifteen-year older Alex is teasing her erect nipples with his fingertips.

A strange though very pleasurable experience having my cock expertly sucked by a woman as I ogle her man’s erection while he is teasing my lady’s nipples. My cock is reacting just I hoped, a fully erect, nine-inches and thick. Very thick, I can see and feel the veins bulging.

“That is so good, so fucking good,”Sarah whispers after Alex takes some ice cubes from the bowl close by and teases her nipples with it.

Brian follows and puts some ice cubes in his mouth, then manages to slide one along Sarah’s cunt lips before he resumes licking her cunt lips with his icy tongue.

“Would you like that?” Alexis asks as she watches out the corner of her eye.

“Would you,” Briony adds. Without waiting for an answer she is teasing my nipples with ice cubes.

“My man taught me this,” Alexis smirks as she puts some ice in her mouth, then resumes sucking me.

“Have you ever had that before?”

“No, absolute fucking magic,” I reply providing the answer she wants as I recall other women who have done it to me. Though not while I watched two men pleasuring my lady.

“Masturbate for me Alex, I love watching a man masturbating for me while another man is tongue fucking me,” Sarah whispers as she orgasms for the first time. “You realise I am multi-orgasmic,” she smiles as Alex responds.

“Happy to oblige, very happy,” he moans he as rubs oil over his very erect cock and commences.

The next day, a Sunday, we had a long sensuous bath together. No mention from either of us about the sexual pleasure we shared the previous day while we watched porn clips on a big screen. Sarah had far more interest in the lesbian ones, though she did enjoy those with two women and one man.

Then the same on the Monday night. “No oral sex until Saturday baby, though you can fuck me every night until Thursday.” Sarah smiles wickedly on the Tuesday. Do you know why no oral sex until Saturday?”

“Let me guess, you and Alexis have unfinished business. She wants to tongue fuck you.” I reply having overheard two phone conversations.

“Can you handle that baby?,” Sarah teases. “She wants you to watch and be part of it.”

Wonderful sex that night, our first since the Saturday. “I was so horny, so fucking horny and turned on after watching a much younger man tongue fuck you on Saturday, while a hung naked man, older than us masturbated for you. You were so turned on. I had never seen you with that look on your face,” I tell her truthfully in the afterglow.

“So was I, while I watched Alexis giving you a blow job as he tongue fucked me. Very exciting. Even more exciting for me anticipating her tongue fucking me on Saturday,” she tells me.

In the afterglow of our sex on the Wednesday and Thursday Sarah and I discussed and agreed on what we could do to make Alexis’s visit memorable.

No sex on the Friday we agreed reluctantly. We both want to enjoy Alexis’s visit to the max.

I let Alexis into our condo wearing the short, black silk, dressing gown Sarah gave me. She has a smaller, similar one. We have both deliberately ‘lost’ the belts for situations such as this - so we can flaunt our sex for our guests. Today it is real buzz for me as Alexis kisses me and ogles my partly naked body.

She is wearing heels and very short black cocktail dress with a long zipper at the back. Obviously no bra.

“Sarah is waiting for you in our sex room,” I tell her.

“Wow, mirrors on all the walls and ceiling. And just a huge bed with a thick pillow and a stool,” Alexis exclaims as she takes in her new surroundings before Sarah appears wearing heels and her very short, black silk, dressing gown. Always the exhibitionist, she has the gown wide open so her nipples and shaved cunt are showing. Her legs and glorious thighs have never looked more appealing.

“We have unfinished business Sarah,” are the only words Alexis utters before they are are passionately tongue kissing. Just as we had arranged I stand behind Sarah and slide her gown off, leaving her naked.

Then, just as Sarah had asked, (‘I want you to undress her for me while we are kissing’), I stand behind Alexis and slowly slide the zipper down and help her shrug out of her dress. I have a full on, thick, nine-inch erection as I undo the clip of her g-string and it falls to her ankles.

I can’t help myself as I run my hands over her ass while I kiss her neck - something Sarah had not asked me to do.

Then as we had agreed, I kneel and lick and kiss Sarah’s magnificent ass cheeks, always a buzz for me satiating my ass fetish, while Alexis is tongue kissing her.

Sarah and Alexis are still kissing as Sarah lays on the bed with her ass on the thick pillow, legs spread.

“Tell me what you are going to do to me?,” she whispers as she teases her nipples while Alexis is licking the insides of her thighs, with her arms wrapped around them. She really does excel at sexy conversations while being pleasured. So do I, a huge extra turn on.

“I am going to fuck you with my tongue Sarah. I want to bring you to orgasm. At least six times,” Alexis replies as I lick and suck Sarah’s nipples - just as she requested.

Then exactly as Sarah requested, as Alexis commences licking her cunt lips we are tongue kissing with the tips of our tongues.

Then exactly as Sarah requested, just as Alexis brings her to orgasm for the first time with her tongue, I slide my throbbing, full on erection between her pursed lips.

“Your pleasure is my pleasure baby,” I whisper each time she orgasms for Alexis as I slide my erection between her lips.

Two, three, four, five times as Alexis slides a finger into her while licking her.

“This will be six for you baby, just as Alexis promised, I have been counting,” I tell Sarah as I watch Alexis slide a second finger into her well past the second knuckle.

I can’t see it but I am imagining Alexis curling her fingers to find Sarah’s g-spot.

I can’t hold out much longer. This is my first oral sex for a week. Sarah’s also. “Swallow baby, please?,” I am almost begging as Sarah gives a thumbs up. Her whole body is trembling. She is making almost animal noises as she squirts and I hit the back of her throat.

“My two men told me to tell you they would like to have you again Sarah,” Alexis smiles in the afterglow as they tease each other with their fingertips.

“Why not, as long as they include my man,” Sarah smiles cryptically with a smirk. “Is that fine by you baby? How soon would you like it to happen? Last tine two men pleasured me. Perhaps one each next time?”