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The Chauffeur (#43) Fighting Back

2022-08-07 00:00:03

The Chauffeur (#43) Fighting Back


Copyright 2019


Waking up with a refreshed Jill was a delightful way to open my eyes. For the first tie in a long while, Dakota did not sleep in my bed. I got up and headed towards the bathroom for my morning ritual. I shaved and I showered.

Once I was through, I went back out to the bedroom where my darling wife was still sleeping. I put on clothes to head towards the Hawk today as my 24 hours of staying at the Chateau is now over.

I unplug my phone, grab my wallet and keys and a pair of shoes and socks. I quietly leave the bedroom and head towards the kitchen. Once I’m in the kitchen, Dakota and John are already there. John, of course, is eating a bowl of cereal. Dakota, my darling, is sitting quietly having a cup of coffee.

Bobby and Sammy ask if I want eggs or something else for breakfast. I agree eggs sound good. They begin to make me several scrambled eggs with bacon and some fried potatoes. John finishes his bowl of cereal and asks for some eggs as well.

Both John and Dakota are dressed for work. Slowly, people file out into the kitchen area. I hear what sounds like rain. I look out the front windows and see that it is pouring hard. I think to myself; do I head to work today or stay here at the Chateau? My mind leans towards heading to the Hawk.

Over the next half hour or so, people come out to the kitchen. Bobby and Sammy offer them breakfast. Most of them take the offer. I check the time and head back down to the bedroom to make sure she is awake and beginning to get ready for work. When I open the bedroom door, there sits my gorgeous wife doing her hair at her makeup table. I sneak up behind her and kiss her from behind. She moans as I put my arms around her from behind.

I kiss her again and head back out towards the kitchen once again. I realize that I still don’t have my laptop, nor does Jill have her tower. I think about using computers at the office.

Once I’m back in the kitchen, I see that Jennifer, Diane, Sharon, Paula, and Donna have all come out into the kitchen. Three of them are eating some eggs and bacon from the chefs.

“Hey guys, could we have a nice pork roast for dinner tonight? Maybe fresh made mashed potatoes and either some carrots or green beans along with one of your delicious Caesar salads. Is that possible?” I ask.

“No David, we don’t make anything like that. Maybe we will have some burgers from Red Robin delivered…. ha, ha, ha,” Sammy says to me causing me to laugh a bit with his sarcasm.

BJ and Danni are both dressed wonderfully. I think to myself that we need to make sure that we are rotating a couple of the people from the Hawk to ensure that Danni gets a lunchtime.

Noticing the time once again, I suggest that we should start heading towards the vehicles in the garage and drive to work. Paula and Donna both get into their vehicles. John unlocks the garage doors by removing the carabiners from the track.

Dakota, Sharon, and I get into Dakota’s BMW. John, Jennifer, and Diane all get into John’s truck. Jill, BJ, and Danni all get into Jill’s Mercedes. All five vehicles leave the garage and pass through the front gate to head towards work.

We are all driving carefully as we haven’t had hard rain in quite a while. In fact, it probably has been 6 or 7 weeks since we have had any rain at all. When we get to the Hawk, we all find a parking spot on the second floor. Once parked, we walk across the walkway into the building. We all say hello/good morning to the security guard and get on the elevator to head up to the top floor.

Once I am there, we all get off the elevator. Sharon, Danni, Jennifer, and Diane all head to their desks. I head to my own desk as well. Jill and BJ head into one of the conference rooms to have room to spread out their paperwork. We all begin to dig into our jobs. I open my computer to check the work emails once again. As I scan the emails, I don’t see any threatening emails this time. I check with Jill and she doesn’t have any suspicious emails either.

I begin my usual sorting of emails. I scan them and find one from Rob, the IT guy. He discusses things that his group think need to be addressed regarding our computer system. He suggests that we put some new servers into play. He also suggests that we upgrade directly from Microsoft the security programs to protect our company. His business suggestions make a whole lot of sense and I give him the go-ahead to make the changes. However, I ask if we should keep his group on staff, so he isn’t overloaded with projects. I figure that I’ll get a reply either later today or tomorrow.

I begin to go through the ‘read-only’ emails, reading and deleting them. I hear Jill swear a bit coming from her conference room. BJ is apologizing and heading to the printer to get whatever Jill sent there. In my head, it seems as if BJ is doing quite well for Jill.

As I get back to my desk, I see the clock on my computer tell me that it is nearly 11 am. I think to myself that we probably need to order lunch to be delivered since it is still raining. As I’m looking over the restaurant menu’s online, Danni comes to my office door and tells me that there is someone here who would like to speak to me. I get up and follow her back to the reception area. As I approach the area, I see a Los Angeles Policeman.

“Hello, I’m David Greene. I understand that you wanted to see me?” I say to the officer.

“Yes, sir. I’m Officer James Williams. I need you to come with me,” he tells me. I’m completely lost. “Let me get my assistant,” I tell him. He lets me know that he needs only me and not any of my assistants. He has me wondering what is going on and I get my raincoat and we head out. I tell Danni to let Dakota and Jill know that I have left with Officer Williams. She assures me that she will let both of them know.

Officer Williams and I head down to the second floor. We take the crossover to the parking garage. I say hello again to the security guard as we head over to the garage. Once I’m in the garage, I see his squad car. He unlocks it and we both get into the front seats. He turns his computer on its side and slides it down towards the floor. I strap into the seatbelt and off we head.

“Officer Williams, where are we headed?” I ask.

“To a crime scene Mr. Greene. Your presence is requested by our Detectives,” he tells me. I’m at a total loss. However, as we head across town, the letter that I passed along to Agent Longmire comes to my mind. Did the Mexican Drug Cartel get to someone that I know? I’m not sure whom it might be as everyone was accounted for last night. As we turn the corner, I know who it is. He parks in front of the house. We both get out and head up to the front door. I meet Detective James. He tells me that he requested me to come to this crime scene.

Detective James carefully takes me inside the house. I take a couple of steps inside and stop. The living room is covered with blood everywhere. There is blood spray on the far wall, there is blood on the living room couch and all over the coffee table with a large pool of blood at the feet of the person who is underneath the sheet.

“How long has she been dead?” I ask.

“About 12 hours. I’m assuming that you know who is underneath the sheet,” the Detective says to me.

He takes a corner of the sheet and pulls it back. I’m stunned, so much so, I head outside to puke my guts out. I lean over the railing on the front step to barf into the planter next to the front steps.

Detective Williams stands behind me watching me puke my guts out. I have never seen anything so violent ever before in my entire life. “This is an old girlfriend who left my house yesterday. We had a fight. I asked her to leave. My assistant called a cab to bring her home. Are there any witnesses?” I ask.

“Mr. Greene, do you know who this is?” he asks me.

“Yes. It’s Aurora. Her company just started working for me cleaning my house. Has anyone contacted her boss, Patrick?” I ask.

“Yes, he’s on his way. Another officer is bringing him,” the detective tells me.

“Detective, have you been in contact with Agent Longmire of the FBI? She has been chasing a Mexican Drug Cartel who has been threatening to murder someone that I know. I gave her a DVD of my house for the past 24 hours yesterday. I also gave her a letter that I received threatening to do this,” I tell him. He pulls out his little notepad and begins to make notes. He asks me for contact information for Agent Longmire. I call up her contact info on my cell phone and hand the phone to the detective.

“Thank you, Mr. Greene. I need you to stay around for a few minutes. I have a few questions for you,” he tells me.

I sit down on the front steps. My belly is still real queasy. I don’t know how much time has passed before another police vehicle arrives. Patrick gets out of the car and stops. He knows the house as well and doesn’t take a step towards the house. He, instead just stands leaning against the police vehicle. I look at him, trying my best not to cry as my head keeps flashing back to the violence that I saw inside.

Patrick comes over to me and sits down on the steps as well. The rain is coming down on both of us.

“Is it Aurora?” he asks.

“Yes, it is. You don’t want to go inside. It’s possibly the most violent thing that I have ever seen. I can’t believe that this has happened. Patrick, I’m so sorry. I’m sure she was murdered because of me,” I tell him. He just shakes his head telling me that it’s not my fault. She should have been safe inside her own home, which obviously she wasn’t.

We both just sit on the steps staring out to the street and the number of police cars that are parked there. I see a news van pull up and get out with a cameraman and a reporter. The uniformed police stop them at the street and begin answering their questions. I see the cameraman do a sweep of the front of the house. I bow my head and look down at the ground. Patrick gets up and heads towards the news reporters asking them to stop taking pictures of his friend who was murdered. The reporter tried to ask several questions only for Patrick to turn and walk away from them.

Patrick comes back over to me and sits down next to me on the steps. “You were saying that you believe that you caused this to happen to Aurora. What makes you believe that?” he asks me.

“I received a letter yesterday threatening my group that someone I know will be murdered. I never in my wildest dreams believed it would be Aurora,” I tell him

“David, you’re not to blame. Whoever did this is the person to blame,” he tells me. I’m quite impressed that he is so calm, but then again, he hasn’t seen the inside and the horrible way things are.

The Detective spends another couple of hours asking both Patrick and me questions. We answered all of his questions. However, before the Detective let us go, Agent Longmire showed up. She spent several minutes chatting with the Detective. Once they finished their conversation, she came over to see me and Patrick.

“Patrick, this is Agent Longmire. Agent, this is Patrick. This is the person that I was asking both of you to come with my wife and me to dinner,” I tell both.

“Mr. Patrick, I’m sorry that we met under these circumstances. Also, I’m sorry for your loss,” she tells him. She flips open her notepad and begins asking me questions. I, of course, want her to find these scum-bags and take them out of the picture. She keeps her composure but continues to ask me questions. Once she is finished asking questions, she offers both Patrick and me a ride back to where the Police picked us up from.

Patrick and I got into her vehicle. She headed back to the point where the Police picked us up. She dropped off Patrick first, then took me back to the Hawk. I asked if she could join me for lunch, she agreed. I directed her to the nice Italian place that Fred introduced us to.

When Agent Longmire and I went inside, the owner came right over and asked if Fred and the rest of my group would be joining us. I let him know that it would just be the two of us. He hugged Agent Longmire, which I believe that she was completely surprised by that.

He sat us at a table and brought over the usual basket of garlic bread. “David, how did you know that I love garlic bread?” the Agent asks me.

“Um, I didn’t. They have great garlic bread here and the owner brings a basket of it over to my table all the time,” I tell her.

We had a nice meal. Agent Longmire ordered Chicken Parmesan on a bed of spaghetti noodles. I offered to order her a glass of Chianti, but she declined saying that she was working. She ordered a glass of diet coke instead. I ordered my usual, spaghetti with meat sauce and a couple of meatballs. We sat and had a delightful lunch. When it was all over, I paid the lunch bill, but Agent Longmire tried to grab the bill, but I was just a touch quicker. This caused both of us to laugh a bit.

She told me that she thought Patrick was a very handsome man and is interested in going out to dinner with him and Jill and me. This made me very happy to hear that such a violent act did not dissuade her from wanting to go out with Patrick.

As we finished our meal, we headed towards the front door to leave. Oddly enough, Agent Longmire clutched my elbow as we left. This made me feel much better about her.

It was about 20 minutes to get me back to the Hawk. She dropped me off at the front door, street level and wished me a good rest of the day. I went inside and up to the top via the elevator. Once I got to the top, I was met by Dakota. She asked what went on with the Police. I let her and everyone else know that Aurora has been murdered. Several of the ladies, such as Jennifer and Sharon were shocked by the news.

I went inside of the conference room to let BJ and Jill know. BJ was stunned. Jill didn’t seem that fazed, but then again, she’s a Marine.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with me working on my computer reading the ‘read-only’ emails and deleting them as they are read.


As the workday came to an end, I saw that it was near 4:30 pm. I called it to be the end of the day for everyone. I saw people turning off their computers and putting on their raincoats.

I stood by the elevator doors. Dakota and John both came over to me asking what had happened with the Police. I told him that we would have that discussion back at the Chateau. He didn’t ask another word; he just stood a few feet away from me waiting for the elevator.

As everyone finished up, the group of people by the elevators grew. When the bell finally dinged and the doors opened, I let everyone on and stood there just thinking. I suggested that they go ahead down and send the elevator car back up for me and Dakota.

She took my hand and silently held it as we waited for the elevator to return. It dawned on me that I have no idea what everyone had for lunch.

“Dakota darling, what did you all have for lunch?” I asked.

“Jimmy John’s sandwiches. We also ordered a couple of salads but most everyone ordered a sub. Why, what did you have for lunch?” she asked me.

“Agent Longmire and I went to Fred’s Italian restaurant,” I tell her.

“Agent Longmire, eh? Should we expect her to show up at the house tonight for some playtime?” Dakota asks but is smiling the whole time.

“No smarty-pants. We just had lunch. However, I saw something that caused me to puke my guts out. The Mexican Drug Cartel got to Aurora. They murdered her very violently. There was blood everywhere. I’ve never seen so much blood in my entire life. It was horrible,” I say to her. She knows that I’m quite rattled about Aurora. She doesn’t say a word, she just stands there next to me, holding my hand. When the elevator door dings and opens we both step on and ride it down to the 2nd floor.

At the second floor, we get off and take the crossover to the parking garage. Sharon and Jennifer are both waiting by Dakota’s car for her and me.

We all get into Dakota’s BMW and head back towards the Chateau. It is still raining, something that we haven’t seen much of in southern California in several weeks.

I text Amy asking her if the chefs made the pork roast that I asked for this morning. She told me that Red Robin burgers were waiting for me to get to the house. Then she texted back that she was just kidding me. I sent her a LOL as Dakota was driving through this crazy weather. Clearly, people had forgotten how to drive in the rain as we had several people run traffic lights and slide into the intersection. Which caused me to tighten my seatbelt.

All I could think about was the horrible scene of Aurora’s body underneath that sheet. What I remember seeing was her throat cut from ear to ear. Several stab wounds and a bullet hole in her forehead with the blood covering her face. It just kept haunting me.

In my head, I couldn’t think of how to make whoever did this pay. When we pull into the courtyard, I begin to formulate a plan on fighting back against our ‘friends’ the Mexican Drug Cartel.

As Dakota pulls into the garage, I see John’s truck already parked in there. Yet, I don’t see Jill’s car just yet. I text BJ and ask if they are close to the house. I get a response from BJ that they are about 5 minutes away. As we pull into the garage, I just sit in the front seat thinking about Aurora. I want to fight back, but I’m not sure just how to approach it. Dakota puts her hand on my left knee, I look at her thanking God that it wasn’t her nor Jill.

It dawns on me that I should use my new PR person to address the murder of Aurora. Let the press push the police and the detectives to speak to Aurora’s death. As I hear the garage door open and see Jill’s car enter the garage, I decide to get out of Dakota’s car and head inside. I stand by the door to the house and wait for Jill to join me.

Once we are all gathered in the garage, I hold the door open for all the ladies. Each one gives me a kiss as they go inside.

We all end up in the kitchen, Bobby tells me that dinner will be ready in about 15 minutes, so if I wanted to take a quick shower, I had enough time to do so. I think about it for a moment but decide not to go take a shower.

My phone buzzes. It’s Agent Longmire.

“Hello Agent, why are you giving me a phone call? Are you asking if you can come over for dinner?” I ask chuckling a bit.

“No, smarty pants. I just spoke to Patrick. He said he’s still in for the dinner if you are still willing,” she says to me.

“Of course, I’m still in. Is there a night that works for both you and Patrick?” I ask.

“How about tomorrow night, both Patrick and I seem to have an opening on our schedule. Where should we meet you and your wife?” she asks.

“At your front door,” I tell her.

“Huh? I don’t understand,” she says.

“It means that I’m sending a car to pick you up,” I tell her.

“Oh, you don’t have to do that. I’ll be happy to drive,” she tells me. However, I won’t hear of it, so I tell her that I’m sending a car for her tomorrow night. She relents and agrees to be picked up.

Agent Longmire tells me that she’ll be by tomorrow to the Hawk to bring me both my laptop and Jill’s tower. I thank her and we end the phone call.

The chefs have dinner ready. John makes a plate for Diane, that included some salad. He also made himself a plate.

As everyone has a plate of food in front of them, I stand to tell what has gone on today with the police.

“OK, everyone, may I have your attention for just a couple of minutes. John, will you please go get the pool house group?” I ask.

John gets up and heads out to the pool house. He knocks on the door and brings them into the house. They come inside and make themselves a dinner plate. I send Dakota to get Mom and Fred.

When they come out to the dining room, I decide that I need to let everyone know what happened today.

“I need to tell everyone what the Police picked me up for today. They took me to Aurora’s house. I found her murdered. Her throat was slit from ear to ear. She had multiple stab wounds all over her body plus she had one single gunshot wound in the center of her forehead. There was blood everywhere. I have never seen such a gruesome situation. It made me go outside and puke my guts out. I now know whom they went after, someone that I mistakenly kicked out of our house yesterday,”

“What do we do then?” Jennifer asks.

“I don’t know. But I do know that we need to watch each other’s backs. If you have a carry permit, please wear your weapon. If you don’t have a carry permit, then please stay with someone who does have one. I don’t want anyone here hurt, am I clear about this?” I ask.

I hear several yeses. I care for all my group and haven’t decided how to fight back. This drug cartel needs an ass-kicking. I decide to put a call into Special Agent Fernandez.

“Mr. Greene, how are you? Agent Longmire tells me that you had a rough day,” he says to me.

“Jose, I want to hurt them. I want to take the fight to these shitheads. They murdered someone and did it in a horrible fashion. How do I take the battle to them?” I ask.

“Do you really want to do that?” he asks.

“Yes, so very much so,” I tell him.

“Then here’s what we’re going to do. I have it on good information, that we know where their main hideout is located. They also have about a dozen smaller places that they stock weapons and people to fight. Care to go after them?” Fernandez asks me.

“Abso-fucking-lutely Now it’s time to take the fight to them,” I say to Fernandez.

“Well, alright then. Put your 5 best shots together, I’ll be by to pick you all up in about a half an hour,” he says to me.

I tap John, Dakota, Jill, Donna, and both the CG boys. I tell the boys to get their rifles, as they will be helping us take down some of the Mexican Drug Cartel. I explain that they will be taking key positions to have the back of the group. I explain that they need to bring lots of their .50 caliber ammunition. They should also bring their scopes. I expect them to take a position that is high and able to hurt them when we are attacked, which we will be.

I put tactical vests on the rest of the others. Everyone going has multiple ammunition clips. Just as expected, Fernandez shows up with a large black Chevy Suburban. John follows with his truck and both CG boys. We drive across town and meet up with about 40 FBI agents. I pick out a rooftop and send the CG boys to the rooftop to hold a sniper’s position.

As they climb the outside steel fire ladder, they reach the rooftop in just a couple of minutes. They focus their scopes and lay out several clips of ammunition. They text that they are ready to do some damage.

John and Donna take a position at their side entrance. Jill, Dakota and I take a position at their front door. About 20 agents are with us at the front door, another 10 agents are with John at the side door, and the rest of the agents along with Agent Longmire take a position at the back door. Special Agent Fernandez calls on his headset.

“We go in 3-2-1…attack,” he gives the instruction to attack the Drug Cartel.

John and the agents with him kick in the side door, shooting everything that they see holding a gun. I kick in the front door and begin shooting everyone that I see inside, along with the 20 or so agents that enter with me. Dakota takes a defensive position outside so if any sneak past us she will take them down.

Several agents kick in the back door. Lots of gunfire there, a couple of agents go down. Jill works her way to the agents coming through the back door. She is firing at everything that moves that is not in tactical gear. I am also firing hitting everything that is moving. As one clip empties, I load another taking aim at anyone moving. The agents that entered the front door with me are taking drug cartel members out with precision. I’m sure that the gunfight can be heard in the neighborhood. I have hit and killed 9 cartel members all of whom were firing at myself and the FBI agents. No one was unarmed that we shot at.

The whole process takes about 20 minutes. We have shot and killed nearly 50 drug cartel people, all of whom have fired their weapons at us. As I check with Fernandez and Longmire, only two FBI agents were hit, neither of them seriously. John said he killed 5 drug cartel guys. Jill took 4 down, killing all four. Dakota got the only one that snuck out the side door. He took a shot at her and she put a round between his eyes. Donna says she only got 3 drug cartel guys, but she said that the agents around her took down about a dozen guys, making them dead, not wounded.

There is a car full of cartel members trying to escape. Both CG boys take several shots at them and take out all 5 guys in the car, causing the car to crash into a building across the street. I hear some hooting from the rooftop from the CG boys, doing their job as professional snipers.

I check with Longmire and Fernandez. Both are just fine. Longmire says she got 4 and Fernandez says he got 4 as well. I thank them for allowing us to join them. Fernandez calls for an investigating agent to interview the other agents. Longmire and Fernandez tell me that I need to take my people out of here as they violated a big FBI rule. I gather out my people and off we go. We are all full of adrenaline on the drive home. I do the math in my head, John 5, Jill 4, Donna 3, Dakota 1, and I got 9. The CG boys got 5. My math counts a total of 27. Fernandez said before we left that they did a quick count and it seems as if all told 53 cartel members have been shot and killed. No cartel member is still alive, they all have been killed.

“Jill, text someone back at the house, let them know we are all fine and no one got shot,” I tell her. She grabs her phone and texts the house.

“They tell us, we are insane, but everyone is happy that we took it to them,” Jill tells all of us in John’s truck. We drive home, all of us are amped up on the adrenaline from shooting the cartel members. Donna tells us that she hasn’t shot anyone since her days in the Marines. However, she is glad that we have hit them where they were hiding. Longmire and Fernandez may have invited us, but I am quite sure that they weren’t expecting us to take out 27 cartel members out of the 53 Fernandez said were killed. In my head, I did some quick math and figured that it was just above 53% of my group shooting and killing cartel. Now, I wanted to take out a full-page ad taunting the Mexican Drug Cartel, but I know that would only get Fernandez and Longmire into trouble. I suggested that when we all get home that we are to clean our weapons and reload the ammunition clips.

As John pulls into the courtyard, I am so proud of my group. None of them let themselves get shot and all of them took out Drug Cartel Members. John parks his truck into the garage and everyone piles out of the truck. We’re all chatty about the event.


When we were all inside, Sammy had a series of desserts prepared for all of us. He had another of his fabulous chocolate cakes. He had a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, and he had about 5 dozen chocolate chip cookies. John took a slice of carrot cake and about 6 cookies. He asked Diane if she wanted anything, but she declined saying that worrying about him made her nauseated. He apologized to her, but he wouldn’t promise her not to go again. She kissed him and told him that she was all nervous about him going on the attack on the drug cartel. He smiled and told her that he did it to make her safe, she just put her arms around him and held onto her guy.

I can tell that the raid on the drug cartel has gotten Donna all amped up….and horny. I see her whispering to Jill; I’m guessing I know what the whispering is all about. The two CG boys immediately went out to the pool house after they stored their rifles in the gun safe. They felt good taking out the bad guys. I can only guess that if there is trouble, it will come from them taking out the careful of cartel members with their .50 caliber rifle shots. Maybe there will be an autopsy, maybe not. Let’s hope for not.

Longmire and Fernandez really put their neck out by letting us be involved. I need to think of a way to thank them that won’t get them into trouble. Before we left, I thanked the agents that kicked in the front door with me for watching my back during the firefight. Up until then, I had only imagined of ever being in a gunfight, and now, I’ve been in one and the adrenaline rush is incredible.

As I suggested, everyone is cleaning their weapon, except for the two CG boys. They’re busy getting laid over at the pool house, or at least that’s what I was thinking was going on. Young guys, porn star girlfriends, plus a large chested roommate that is well known in the porn industry as a great blowjob person, what could Fred’s two nephews ask for any better?

Donna is overly chatty. She is talking to Jennifer about a mile a minute. Jennifer is just smiling and letting her run with the conversation. When Donna finally did stop talking, Jennifer excused herself and went over to John. She put her arms around him and told him that she was a nervous wreck the whole time he was gone. Her and Diane sat together and worried. John told her it was the most incredible thing he had ever done and that I had his back. She didn’t need to know that I was on a completely different side of the house from him. Truth be told, it was the FBI agents that had his back, not me.

Jill sat quietly, almost pensive. I went over to her and pulled a chair out and sat down.

“Darling, what’s going on. You seem more pensive than amped up like Donna and John,” I say to her.

“It’s just how I process killing someone and I killed 4 people today. I haven’t shot ad killed that many people since my days in the Marines. However, unlike the military days, I shot from closeup. None of my shots were at someone that was no more than 8-10 feet away from me. In the military, I was shooting my weapon at people that were usually about 100-200 feet away. Not the case today. Let me just process the events,” Jill tells me. I kiss her on the cheek and let her just sit and clean her firearm.

I see no one in the TV room, so I head in there and turn on the TV to watch an action video. I select the movie ‘Bad Boys’ with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Something in my brain tells me that the role that Tea Leone plays isn’t really acting, it’s more like how she really is in life. As I’m watching the movie, Sammy comes over with a big bowl of popcorn. I take a handful and begin eating. My brain is loving this popcorn. It has real melted butter, not some powdered butter flavoring nor butter flavored oil (like at the movie theaters). He also brings out a bowl of cinnamon sugar popcorn. This one I really liked and took control of that bowl.

John came out and sat in the reclining chair. He asked for the popcorn bowl with the real butter. Donna filed out and Dakota did as well. I ended up with Donna on one side of me, and as usual Dakota on the other side.

I sat there staring at the TV but was thinking about how lucky my life has become. I got to do something that virtually no one would ever get to do, go on a mission with agents of the FBI. I could have gotten my family in serious trouble today. I need to settle down and stop thinking and acting impulsively. This could have turned out much worse than it did.

The shooting made the nightly news. According to the news, there was a total of 40 drug cartel members killed as FBI agents tried to deliver some warrants, which I thought was a good cover story.

I was deep in thought and not watching what was going on around me. I finally came back to seeing my little girl, Dakota stuffing her face full of my cinnamon sugar popcorn. She was giggling at me being off in the distance while she pilfered my popcorn.

I pulled her into me and began to tickle her. That made her squeal with laughter. It’s always nice to see her smile and laugh. She’s as tough as nails and anticipated my needs and wants like no one that I have ever encountered. Jill is the exact opposite. She is also tough as nails, but she is much more measured in her ways.

Once Dakota and I settled down and I quit tickling her, Donna put her head on my shoulder. I can tell that Donna needs some physical attention. I put my fingers underneath her chin and pick her head up to kiss me. She ends up putting both arms around my neck and kissing me for quite a while.

Donna stands up and takes me by the hand. She leads me past Jill, who is still cleaning her weapon and sitting pensively. Donna leads me down the hallway to my own bedroom. She pulls me inside and keeps going dragging me to my bathroom. There she sheds her clothes and steps into the shower. I just stood there looking at her beautiful body underneath the water. It was beautiful to watch the water cascading down her body, over her wonderful breasts, down her flat stomach, and into the valley of delight known as her pussy.

She turns and summons me with that one finger that women use to summon you silently. I kick off my shoes, shed my clothes and step into the shower with her. She comes over to me and puts her arms around my neck and pulls me into her, tightly. We had wonderful passionate sex for nearly an hour in the shower. When we finally finished, we took time drying each other off. It has been a while since I have played with Donna. She is a very loving woman, who is a sensual creature. When we are done drying each other off, she wraps a towel around her and leaves the bedroom. I, as usual, put a pair of shorts on and my usual white tee shirt. I sat on the sleep bed for a few minutes thinking about the events of the day and how it affected everyone. John and Donna are all amped up. Jill pensively cleaning her weapon. Dakota trying to be her silly self. The CG boys, may have done the best thing of all, go have nice sweaty sex with their porn star girlfriends and Belinda.

My mind again thinks about Aurora. How did they get to her? Did they just come to the door and attack when she opened it? Did we kill the person or persons who murdered Aurora? Are there more out there hiding? Should I continue to worry about something happening to one of the house members? The questions swirl around in my head.

I head back out to the kitchen as I feel a bit hungry once again. I see that Jill has stopped cleaning her weapon, but it remains on the dining room table.

“Hey Darling, can I put this in the gun safe for you?” I ask her. She nods yes and I take the gun and go to the gun safe and put it inside on one of the two shelves. I feel a bit easier about putting the gun in the safe.

Again, as I go back into the kitchen, three heavy guys come to the gate once again. They ring the buzzer. I answer, “Hello,” I say.

“We’re here to deliver something to a Mr. David Greene, but we need to have him sign for it. Please send him out here,” the man with an obviously Russian accent says into our gate speaker.

“I’m sorry. Mr. Greene is not available right now. Please feel free to leave the package at the gate and someone will come out to get it,” I say into the speaker.

“When will Mr. Greene be available as this is the second time, we have attempted to deliver this package,” the Russian sounding man said.

Like I said a few minutes ago, Mr. Greene is very busy. If you want to leave him the package, then fine we’ll come out to get it. Otherwise, you’ll have to accept one of his assistants to sign for the package,” I tell the man.

I get no response, but on the security camera, I see him shrug his shoulders with someone else taking the box from the man that spoke. They walk back down the service road. Apparently, they must have used Google maps to find that we have a service road leading to the front gate.

I texted Fernandez that we were visited by our Russian friends again. I made a DVD for whoever will come to pick it up. Making the DVDs made me think about Patrick, see what we saw may make him not want to go on the date with Longmire. I decided to call Patrick.

“Hey, Patrick. It’s David Greene. I just wanted to call you and check on how you’re doing?”

“Um, I guess I’m doing OK. I had to put an ad in the newspaper for a replacement for Aurora. I mean, she was an incredible pain in the ass, but when she turned on the charm, she could charm the socks right off you, but you already know that. You and she dated for a while. May I ask how long you dated and how long ago?” Patrick asks.

“Well, we dated several years ago, before I married my first wife. Funny thing, we only dated about a month or two, we were magical in bed, but we were oil and water living together. She and I didn’t mix outside of the bedroom,” I tell him.

“I can understand that. We dated for about 5 weeks. I couldn’t take her always complaining about how many hours I work. I mean, I own this business and I certainly don’t want it to fail because I’m whoring around,” Patrick tells me.

“Patrick, are we still on for tomorrow night? I hope we are because I think the lady, I’m introducing you to will put a smile on your face. She understands long hours as she probably works somewhere between 60-75 hours a week, sound familiar?” I ask.

“Yeah, it kind of sounds like we are versions of each other. What does she do for a living that she works so many hours? Does she own her own business as well?” Patrick asks.

“Nope, she’s in law enforcement. Hey, I just thought, you don’t have a criminal record, do you?” I say laughing a bit.

“No, no criminal record. Law enforcement you say? That’s interesting,” he says.

“Well, I wouldn’t want you to be arrested on your first meeting of her,” I say to him still laughing a bit.

“Hey, I need your address. I’m sending a car to pick you up. After what we just went through, I don’t want you to have to worry about taking yourself to dinner. Since I own a limo company, just let me send a car to pick you up. Sound good?” I ask.

“Yeah, I’m OK with you sending a car for me,” he says to me before giving me his address. I notice that the address is in a nicer part of LA. It's not Beverly Hills, but still a nice part of LA. Now, I must convince Longmire to give me her home address for this to work. In my head, I thought about how today went and maybe, just maybe Longmire will trust me enough to part with her home address.

I hang up the phone from Patrick, now on to Heidi Longmire.

“Hello Ms. Longmire, this is David Greene,” I say to her.

“Why hello Mr. Greene, why are you calling?” She asks.

“To get your address. I’m sending a car to pick you up tomorrow night. No backing out of our deal,” I say to her. I get an unusually long pause before she finally agrees to give me her home address.

“Thank you, Heidi. I assume I have your permission to call you Heidi when we’re not talking work?” I say to her.

“Sure. I’m fine with that. Tell me a bit more about this guy that I’m being introduced to tomorrow night, and of course, where are we going for dinner?” She asks.

“Well, I decided on Longhorn Steakhouse. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere, plus I love their food. This guy you’re going to be introduced to owns a home cleaning service. He’s always working trying to make sure that his customers are taken care of properly. Like you, he is working all the time. Maybe, if you two hit it off tomorrow night you can have a late-night date. But, that’s up to you and him. Jill and I are only doing introductions and feeding both of you. Oh, and I don’t want the not eating thing you women like to do when meeting someone. I expect you to eat a regular meal,” I tell her.

We chat a few more minutes before we say our goodbyes. I feel better about the date still being on. Patrick was the one that I thought would bail on the date after Aurora, but thankfully he didn’t.

I asked Dakota to dial up Black Car limo and send a stretch limo to Patrick’s address first, then to Heidi’s. In my head, I was debating on just picking them up just the two of them, but then again, I didn’t want the conversation to be turned to Aurora. I decided that the limo needs to come here first to pick up Jill and me, then Patrick, and finally Heidi.

I saw Dakota still watching a movie on the couch in the TV room. In my head, if we Jill and I were going to the Hawk, then we would need to leave about 3:00 pm to get home in time to shower and change, then get into the limo and head to their houses. Of course, in my head, I wondered if we should pick up Heidi first and thus not showing her address to someone she has not checked out. It just made more sense to me to pick her up first then Patrick.

Jill was out in the TV room, but she was sitting in the reclining chair, not really participating with anyone. Sammy had brought a bowl of popcorn, but she only had a couple of bite out of it. She just set it down on the little side table next to the chair.


When I woke up in the morning, I found Jill snoring next to me and a small little creature all snuggled up, ass first into me. I could tell just by the feel of the body that it was Dakota.

I hugged her before I sat up and worked my way down to the foot of the bed to head to the bathroom for my usual morning rituals. I decide that I need to shave, a nice shave with my razor. The one that I will do tonight will be with my electric razor instead. I step into the shower and take a nice hot shower. Once again, being alone in the shower only takes a few minutes to get everything clean, including my hair.

When I’m done, I turn off that wonderful hot water and step out of to dry off and get dressed. I decide that for tonight, it will be dress slacks and a short-sleeved dress shirt and dress shoes. However, right now I’m heading to the Hawk, for work.

As I picked my clothes out of the closet, I had to wake Jill. I’m a bit worried about her. Hopefully, she has pondered what happened yesterday with the drug cartel. I have the argument in my head as to why we should have done what we did with the Feds. I don’t want to have to worry about Jill and how she is processing as stress often affects a baby during pregnancy.

I shook Jill gently and woke up a grumpy Jill. So far, it seemed as if the normal Jill was back as she hates being woke up. Dakota is easy, give her a little shake and she pops her eyes open and gets her day going with a large cup of coffee.

Dakota bounds into the shower, as Jill was looking outfits over. One for work and one for tonight. I came over to her and kissed her. She smiled and put her arms around me and leaned in for a second kiss, which I gave her.

“Good morning darling,” Jill says to me. I was happy to hear her say those words.

“Did you sleep well, my dear?” I ask her.

“Oh yeah, once I had a nice glass of wine. It settled me down before I came to bed. Of course, I saw Dakota all snuggled up into you sleeping peacefully so I wasn’t going to wake you. We have the whole date that’s not a date thing, tonight don’t we?” She asks.

“You mean the introduction dinner,” I tell her even though it could go horribly wrong. “Yes, we have that tonight,” she smiles as I tell her that. She picks out a nice pair of jeans and a white blouse along with a pair of low heels. For work, she chooses a nice skirt along with a colorful blouse. I just smile at what I see. When she hears the water turn off and Dakota coming into the bedroom, she gets up and heads to the bathroom to get ready.

Dakota, with a towel wrapped around her beautiful little body, flips the back of the towel up to flash me her cute ass. I just smile. As she leaves the bedroom, I still haven’t figured out what to get her for Christmas. The holiday is only about 10 days away and I need to spend some time going shopping, however, the two ladies that I love the most I have absolutely no idea what to get either of them.

I see several phone charges dangling on the dresser and another one on Jill’s makeup table. I grab my phone off the charger along with my wallet and keys and head out to the kitchen. I get there before Dakota, so I turn on the coffee pot.

John is already there eating a bowl of cereal. I see both Jennifer and Diane all dressed for work. I have it in my mind to check on Jennifer’s progress in solving some of the issues that we had discussed a few days ago.

Paula comes out, looking ravishing and kisses me on the cheek, pours herself a cup of coffee and heads to work. Donna comes out, also looking stunning. She gives me a passionate kiss, probably from our lovemaking session yesterday in the shower. She had a couple slices of toast with a fried hard egg between them. I was just sitting at the kitchen table just admiring her beautiful body.

She poured me a glass of my pineapple juice and put it in front of me. I watched her eat the fried egg sandwich and drink a cup of coffee. When she was done, she tossed her paper plate into the trash, kissed me again and headed out.

I see that I missed a call from Agent Longmire. I decided that it was too early to call her back, so I set an alarm on my phone to remind me to call her in a short while.

Dakota finally came out to the kitchen, and as expected she went right for the coffee pot. She checked my glass to make sure I had some juice in it. She smiled and sat at a chair by me.

Jill came out just a few minutes later and boy does she look amazing. I don’t know what it was this morning, but all the ladies looked wonderful as they headed out to work. I ask Jill if she will drive us to the Hawk, as we are going to be leaving early, probably around 3, so she has enough time to get ready. I also asked Dakota if she ordered up a limo for tonight, she said she had but that Fred took over and will now be the driver for tonight’s dinner. Dakota had already given Fred the addresses for both Patrick and Heidi.

I was happy to hear everything was all set up. What concerned me was the phone call from Longmire that might change things.

I decide that I have waited long enough and dial her up. I noticed that I’m calling her FBI phone and not her personal phone, which in my head was a good sign.

“Good Morning Agent Longmire. I see that I missed a call from you last night, Is everything alright?” I ask.

“Yeah, everything is fine. I just wanted to get your schedule today so I can bring you your laptop and your wife’s tower. We installed two programs to keep any further nasty emails from appearing in your email box. We have also added a program that will move any bad emails to a personal file in which it will be sent to our IT team who will destroy,” she says to me. I smile now knowing that she isn’t trying to bail from the introduction dinner.

“My schedule is that both Jill and I will be at the Hawk building downtown and will be leaving there about 3 pm to come home and get ready for an introduction dinner with two people whom I think will be a good fit for each other,” I say to her.

“Well, I’m glad you feel that way. It’s nice to know someone is looking out for me,” she says with a bit of a chuckle. I tell her that we will be seeing her about 5-ish and expect to see a limo show up at her front door. She tries to object politely, but I won’t hear of it and just tell her to be ready. She assures me that she will be waiting.

Jill takes me by the hand, and we head to her car in the garage. Dakota has BJ and Danni in her vehicle. Sharon rides with John and Diane. Donna takes her own car to the call center.

I don’t know why, but Amy came popping into my head. I dialed her up and chatted with her asking if everything was going OK. She told me that everything was just fine. I smiled and ended the conversation.

“Darling, are you ready for tonight?” I ask Jill.

“Well, sort of. I certainly could use the night to still be working on the stock project, but I guess one night won’t be all that bad, plus you picked a good restaurant, right?” She asks.

“I picked Longhorn,” I tell her.

“What time will the limo come to the house to get us?” Jill asks.

“I would guess about 4. Fred will be driving,” I tell her. She smiles. I’m guessing that she is happy to see Fred do some of our driving once again.

As usual, when we get to the Hawk, we park on the second floor and take the crossover to the tower. Once inside the tower, the security guard tells us good morning as we wait for the elevator. When the doors opened, I felt Jill’s hand squeeze my ass even though there are about a dozen people on the elevator.

I just smile, not making a scene. It was just Jill’s way of teasing me. We ride the elevator to the top. When the doors open, I see Agent Longmire standing there with two computers. I walked over and picked up my laptop as I was thankful to see that piece of equipment come back into my life. Jill took the other computer, the tower and carried it to her desk. I thanked Agent Longmire and told her that I look forward to seeing her tonight, she said she was a bit nervous about meeting this guy. I told her not to worry, if all goes nicely, then she will maybe have someone to chat to who also works all the insane hours. I put my laptop in my backpack pulling out the two DVDs that I made for Longmire. I gave them to her before she stepped onto the elevator. From there I went to see Jennifer.

When I got to her desk, I pulled a chair from another desk over and sat next to her.

“Well, how goes the mini-projects that I gave you?” I ask.

“We are making progress. The old lady who was cleaning toilets has a company to look over now that is handling all the janitorial in the building for her. There is a new vendor who is pressure washing the Eagle so the outside will have the curb appeal that you are looking for to match up with other buildings in DC,” she tells me.

I’m happy that she is making strides at the various projects. I tell her that tomorrow Dakota and I will be heading to Seattle for a quick turn around visit. I go into Jill’s office where she and BJ are working hard. I kiss Jill, who is annoyed at me interrupting her.

“Darling, I just wanted to let you know that I’m taking a short trip to Seattle, I see issues that need to be addressed. I may take another run to the Dallas market as there are still issues with the entire restaurant division there,” I tell her.

“Will these be on the same trip, or will you come home first. I need to know if my boyfriend can come over,” she says smiling and giggling at me with her joke. I just smile and let her know that it will be two trips and she should schedule him to make two visits. I know that she is working hard so I kiss her and leave the room. I decide not to kiss BJ, for no real reason other than I didn’t want to

I look at the clock and see that it is already noontime. I call Dakota over and ask her to call the local Jimmy John’s and order sandwiches for everyone on the floor. She takes her phone and her assistant’s notebook to make the phone call. When it was done, she tells me that the food will be here in about 35-40 minutes, which seems reasonable to me.

I decided that I should try out my laptop to see if the program that the FBI put on the laptop will slow the system down. Taking the computer out of my backpack I open it and turn it on. It boots right up just like it normally does.

I log into the email portal and look at the massive number of emails that I have. 1755 emails. I guess not having my laptop allowed my email inbox to get overloaded. I started with the usual, looking for multiples of the same. I put them all together and highlighted the remaining one to be read later.

I scanned through the listing and saw no more Mexican Drug Cartel emails. In my head, I was sure that we, along with the FBI have eliminated that entire group from their hiding place, much like roaches. I look at the TV screen on in the breakroom and see that the Mexican Drug Cartel shooting is still in the new cycle. Although I shouldn’t be surprised, with that many bad guys dying it will stay in the news cycle for several says.

I spend time working my way through the emails. When the sandwiches arrive, my darling Dakota joins me in my office. She ordered me a turkey sandwich with lots of mayo and extra tomatoes. To my surprise and delight, she ordered herself a vegetarian sandwich. She also ordered one for Diane as well. However, for Jill, she ordered their three-meat sub. It came with turkey, ham, and roast beef. For me, she ordered what I like the ham and turkey, however, she knows that I like both extra mayo and extra tomatoes.

I call several of the other employees into the larger conference room to sit and eat. I saw a couple of people not joining in as they took their lunch out of the breakroom fridge and sat at their desk to eat. That really bothered me, I want everyone to enjoy their lunchtime. Since Sharon is across the table from me, I let her know that no one should be working during their lunch hour. She tells me that she will handle that and goes back to eating her sub.

Jill never left her conference room; however, she did send BJ out to join us in the big conference room. The older lady, Ruth replaced Danni at the front desk. I was very glad to see that happen.

I’m looking forward to the introduction dinner tonight, but having Fred take us around made me feel good. I whispered in Dakota’s ear to dial up the jet as she and I are taking a trip to Seattle tomorrow. She tells me that after lunch that will be taken care of, which made me smile.