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The Girl - Book 2 - Chapter 03

2022-08-08 00:00:03

She realized that if she wore makeup, mom's old fancy work shoes, and a mask covering the whole top of her head until her nose, she looked older. She looked like a petite adult woman. A freshman student at the least. She was happy about it. Only her underdeveloped chest was ruining the effect a bit, but she hoped they would not notice. She knew that only the boys on the team who paid for her could know the full scope of her predicament. The rest should not learn how young she was, or it could cause a lot of problems.

She looked herself in the mirror. She liked how her body looked like. She was sure the guys would enjoy it. She wore her mom's heels, thigh high stocking, a collar, and the mask. Rest of her body was bare. In front her arrow tattoo saying "WHORE to be used by man and dogs" was clearly visible. She wrote "hole #1" beside the arrow. With the help of a mirror, and a bit of practice, she managed to draw a similar arrow on her back with a black marker. Above the arrow she wrote "spit and fuck" and "hole #2" beside it. On her ass cheeks she wrote "SLAP ME", on her belly she wrote "PUNCH ME", and on the top of her tits "HURT ME". She was sure the marker would wear off quickly, but it made a nice impression. The last touch would be a writing on her face, but she knew she had to wait to arrive at the place to make it. Otherwise people on the street would notice.

She had her mask prepared. She made it herself, from a costume spandex mask, with few alterations. I could be rolled up to reveal her eyes, but when fully worn it only revealed fer mouth and chin, covering her eyes completely. It had a mesh material under her nose, for her to breath. She knew she would be breathing through her nose a lot. One of the things she modified was two straps on both sides on her mouth, between which you could attach a gag and secure it in her mouth. She had her made-shift ring gag already attached on one side. The other modification was that the mask had a whole on the back of the head, through which she could pull her hair in a ponytail. The pony tail provided a nice handle.

Her collar was black leather, with nothing in particular to notice. She was going to wear it in the public, so she wanted it to look just as an extravagant fashion statement, and not a fetish. She had two metal labels made to attach to the collar. One said "DOG SLUT" in big letters and the other "Property of RHM", and "Return after use" with a phone number. The number was of Sam's and Hank's burner phone. She slipped both tags into her bag together with her mask and her marker.

On top of her naked body, she pulled a summer dress in the colors of the team Hornet. This would not rise any suspicion, as there was an important match today. She went out of the house and walked to the high school. She heard the cheers in the football pitch as she went to the back of the building. There was an unused fire exit from the locker room in the back. She was supposed to wait there.

She placed her mask on, not covering her eyes yet. She then attached her tags and a leash to the collar. She took off the dress and placed it in the bag. She then took out a very wide piece of red ribbon she made, and tied it over her breasts in a bow, presenting herself as a gift. Then she took out a mirror, and wrote as best she could on her face "Hole #3" with an arrow pointing to her mouth. She then pulled the mask down, and placed the ring gag in her mouth. She then secured it to the strap on the other side of her face. The ring was big, and it pried her mouth wide open. The elastic spandex was pulling it in strongly. She immediately started to droll.

She admired herself through the mirror, lifting her blindfold. Finally she placed her mirror in the bag, and knelt. She then slipped her hands into a loop made out of red ribbon. The loop had a nice bow on the top, and a zip-like tightening mechanism underneath. Piece by piece she used her constrained palms to pull it tight. When finished, she placed her foot over the loose end and pulled to make it even tighter. And then she waited. In silence and darkness.


She heard the door open, and a strong arm pulled her up. She was then directed into the building. She stumbled on the way, as she didn't see anything.

--- "Nice" --- she heard a rumor going through what felt like a small room full of boys.

--- "She's young. I like it." --- another voice said

--- "You must be kidding me. Look at her. With such an tattoos?" --- said another, to her relief.

--- "Yeah. This is permanent alright" --- said a guy after trying to smear off her whore tattoo.

--- "For what we know she can be a mom, looking for a good time with some real jocks."

--- "Real nice preserved mom" --- said another and they laughed.

--- "Are you a soccer mom, slut?" --- a boy asked taking out her ring gag out of her mouth

--- "I can be whatever you like, sir" --- she said, trying to sound more mature.

--- "You like to be hit?" --- he asked tracing the "Punch me" writing on her belly.

--- "No, sir. But a woman should be put in her place sometimes."

--- "And what is her place?"

--- "At your feet, sir."

--- "You came here to fuck some jocks, slut?"

--- "No, sir. I came to be fucked by some jocks." --- she said and they laughed.

--- "You came as a gift to celebrate our win?"

--- "Yes, sir. Hornets are the best. You deserve to celebrate."

--- "Too bad." --- said the boy, putting the ring gag back in. --- "Because we lost to the Buffaloes"

She trembled. She knew that they will take out on her their frustration. This will be much harder then she expected.

--- "OK girl, let's unpack you, and dress you up."

Somebody untied the bow on her tits revealing the "Hurt me" writing.

--- "Oh girl, you even don't know how hard."

They untied her hands, and placed a shirt over her head. Then put on a short skirt. When she felt the material, she knew it was an cheerleader costume. She thought it to be the Hornet's cheerleader uniform, but soon she learned otherwise.

--- "Something we stole from the opposing team." --- explained the boy into her ear.

She was doomed. She allowed herself to go a bit too far, teasing them to abuse her with her looks. And now, she was standing with a group of muscular angry men, in the colors of the opposing team, the Buffaloes, to which they just lost.

--- "What do you say, guys?" --- said the boy --- "Wouldn't you want some revenge?"

--- "Yeah!"

--- "You wanna fuck up a Buffalo's bitch?"

--- "Yeah!" --- The boys shouted, which made Lilly shiver.

--- "You want to destroy her?"

--- "Yeah!"

--- "You just walked into a lion's den" --- he whispered into her ear, while the boys cheered "Fuck her", "Hurt her", "Let's all fuck her ass".

--- "Hands on your head" --- she was ordered

When she did it, she felt two hands fondle her breasts through her cheerleader uniform. Before she could realize what was happening, his fingers pinched her nipples like a vise, and twisted them. She gasped.

--- "So, girl. Which team is the best?" --- said one of the boys, pulling her ring gag again.

She was too shocked to first respond.

--- "I said, which team is the best?" --- repeated the boy, twisting her nipples.

--- "Buffalo!" --- she said, deciding to play into their game.

The boy twisted her nipples again, making her hiss.

--- "Let's try that again. Which team is the best?"

--- "Buffalo!" --- she shouted.

The boy slapped her face. Twice.

--- "Which team is the best?"

--- "Buffalo. They kicked your ass so hard." --- she got into her role more, and more, despite knowing it will only bring her pain.

The boy didn't pass on that insult. He punched her hard into the stomach, making her curl up. Her hands went to her tummy, but soon she felt as another boy grabbed her from behind. He held her straight and held her hands behind her back.

--- "Which is the best team?"

--- "Buffalo." --- she said weakly, as the punch surprised her and took her breath.

--- "Will you renounce your team?" --- he asked, holding her by the hair and slapping her tits hard.

--- "Make me." --- she said spitting in his face.

The boy slowly wiped the spit of his face, and said:

--- "That was a mistake."

He punched her again, making her hang in the arms of the boy holding her.

--- "Turn her around." --- she heard the leader say.

The boy who held her spun her around, and bent her so that her head was between his legs pointing downwards. He then held her hands behind her back. He was so big, he could get a firm grip of both her wrists with one hand. He could easily make her stick her ass up, by pulling on her hands in a kind of a strappado. She felt her skirt being lifted, exposing her bum. She thought that she would be fucked, but suddenly she heard a swish of a thin elastic crop. She could not mistake this sound for anything. Soon her suspicions were confirmed, as she heard the swish again. This time landing on her ass.

--- "Aaaagh" --- she screamed.

Stroke after stroke hit her ass, making in burn with pain.

--- "Will you renounce your team?"

--- "Never!" --- she shouted in resolve.

The whipping continued, hitting her ass, and legs. She cried in pain and humiliation, and soon her legs became weak. After another series of vicious blows she could not stand and the boy holding her just dropped her to the ground.

--- "Please." --- she said trough her tears --- "Please don't hurt me."

--- "You just have to say, that Hornets are the best team in the world."

--- "Never." --- she begged.

Suddenly she felt a booth being kicked in her stomach with incredible force. It took her breath away, and she nearly fainted. The boys gathered around her, and started to kick her from all sides. As she tried to cover herself and move away, one of the boys placed his foot in her head, pinning it to the ground. She felt the studs from his football shoes dig into the side of her face.

--- "Please!" --- she shouted --- "Please, I'll do anything. Please, stop!"

The kicking stopped for a second, and she felt blood coming into all the bruises.

--- "Which team is the best?"

--- "Hornets."

--- "Say it loudly."

--- "Hornets are the best team in the world!" --- she shouted.

--- "And you will be a faithful fan?"

--- "Yes. I will be the best fan. Just don't hurt me anymore."

--- "Good." --- said a boy, lifting his foot off her head. --- "And what good fan girls do for her team?"

--- "Cheer for them?" --- she said, knowing full well it's the wrong answer.

--- "I think you have more to offer" --- said the leader, lifting her dress, with his crop.

--- "No, please. Not that!" --- she said in a frightened voice.

The crop landed on her inner tights, making her cry out in pain again.

--- "No. Please don't make me." --- she cried --- "I will cheer for you. I will wear your colors."

The crop moved to her upper body, landing on her tummy and tits.

--- "Stop!" --- she cried --- "I will do it."

--- "You will do what?"

--- "I will fuck you."

--- "Say it like you mean it."

--- "I will fuck you. I will fuck you all."

--- "Will you suck us off?"

--- "I will suck all your dicks. I will deep throat them."

--- "And what about anal?"

--- "Please. Not my ass." --- she begged

--- "I think a good fan girl should not deny anything her favorite team." --- he said, stroking her face with the end of the crop with a hint of threat.

--- "OK. OK. You can use my ass. But please, at least spit on it first." --- she said as they all laughed.

--- "And will you clean us all off, after we fuck you?"

--- "Yes I will. I will lick clean every one last of your magnificent Hornet dicks."

A tumbling mat was pulled into the locker by some boys, and she was directed into the middle of it. She knelt down.

--- "Wanna taste of dick, slut?" --- a boy asked standing in front of her, touching her mouth and nose with the tip of his dick.

--- "I think I don't have choice" --- she said, dangling the ring gag suggestively.

The boy placed her ring between her teeth, and secured it with the strap.

She felt the boy grab her head from both sides, and pushing his dick into her wide open mouth. She grabbed his legs, as he started to fuck her mouth in a steady pace.

She felt the boys gather around her. She let go of the boy fucking her face, and extended her hands sideways to find other boys. As she did, her hands moved around their bodies, until resting on their crotch. Then she started to rub them through their football shorts.

After a while, she tried to take out the two cocks from their pants, but it was hard. Especially as it was hard to concentrate with a dick being shoved down your mouth all the time. The boys helped and soon she was sucking off one boy, and wanking two more.

Soon her mouth was filled with the boy's cum, and another replaced him. And then another one. Boys she wanked either waited for their turn, or came on her uniform. As the rest of the boys became impatient, and her ass was pulled from the mattress. She felt a hand crudely inspect her pussy, and then a dick being pushed in. It went in smooth, as she was wet from the whole situation. In her position it became hard to jack off anybody, so she decided to limit herself to being fucked from both ends. This didn't stop some of the boys just jacking off on her. With her new position and a guy in her mouth kneeling, she felt the cock went much deeper. Before long the boy's were fucking her throat.

This went for what felt like ages. She was repeatedly fucked. In her pussy as much as her ass. As she had a burning sensation in her throat, she nudged them to flip her. When she was on her back, they proceeded to fuck her, but at least her mouth was reduced to licking cock and sucking balls. Few of the more adventurous boys made her lick their asses.

When they were finished with her, her uniform was nearly completely torn, and her pussy and ass were hurting. The boys then left for the shower. After she was forced to lick cum from the mattress, she was pulled by her leash to the showers and ordered to strip. She then spent an hour washing and licking all the boys' cocks. Not that she didn't enjoy that, but it hurt to kneel on the hard tiled floor. Sometimes she was allowed a break to lick the floor underneath herself, where she leaked cum from her holes. When all the boys left, it felt silent. She sat there on the floor, exhausted, not knowing what she should do next. Nobody said anything to her.


Suddenly she heard a clicking noise behind her. A noise made by high heals on tiles.

--- "What have we here?" --- said a female voice behind her.

--- "It looks like the slut fucked our boys." --- said another in a vile voice.

--- "It's true, slut?" --- another one close by asked her --- "Did you just fucked my boyfriend?"

--- "And mine." --- said another voice.

--- "And mine." --- said some other girl.

--- "Wait" --- she begged --- "I can explain."

--- "There is nothing to explain. You fucked a whole football team. You are a total slut."

--- "A bitch in heat."

--- "Please. I didn't mean to." --- she tried to reason with them.

--- "You didn't mean to fuck them, slut?" --- asked one of them with a smirk.

--- "Look girls. She has a tattoo." --- said a girl in front, using her foot to flip Lilly, and expose her tummy.

Lilly could not see, but most of her marker writings washed off, and only her tattoos were clearly visible.

--- "Whore to be used by men and dogs." --- she read.

--- "That is fitting." --- said another girl --- "you are a total whore."

--- "Do you really fuck dogs?" --- asked a voice near Lilly.

--- "I ..." --- she started --- "I can explain ..."

--- "Answer the question, bitch." --- said one of the girls grabbing her hair painfully.

--- "Yes." --- shrieked Lilly surprised by the pain in her scalp --- "I fuck dogs. I will fuck whatever I'm ordered to." --- she answered.

--- "That is filthy."

--- "You are repulsive." --- said another, spitting on her.

--- "And did you fuck our boyfriends?"

--- "I'm sorry if I did." --- she said truthfully --- "I didn't mean to ruin your relationships. I didn't know they were cheating on you."

--- "Oh, don't worry little slut. We don't blame our boys. After all you are only a filthy whore."

--- "We blame you." --- said a voice just beside her ear.

Just after that, the first kick came. Then more rained on her body. She curled up, but it still hurt. She didn't even know how many girls there were. She just cried as kicks went from all sides.

Finally it stopped. Or so she thought. Two girls grabbed her hands, and two grabbed her legs, and they spreadeagled her on the cold tile floor of the bathroom. She then heard a belt unbuckled, and being pulled out of the trousers. After a moment of dread she heard a swoosh, and the belt landed on her torso. She cried like hell. After just a few swings, she was begging for mercy.

--- "Please." --- she said --- "I will do whatever you want. I will never come here again. I will lick all your pussies. Please. What do you want?"

--- "You think we want a filthy whore like you to even touch our pussies?" --- the girl with the belt said --- "We just want you to suffer." --- she said passing the belt to another girl.

The new girl landed a few precise strikes at her crotch, which entertained the other girls. The next girl stood from the side, and landed her strokes on her tits, making Lilly scream even more. Just as she thought this would be the worst, she felt a heeled shoe press on her crotch. Then she felt where the heel was. She felt it it dig into her skin just above her pussy. In her most delicate places. The pain was unbearable. And just as the girl lifted her shoe, and she thought it was over, she felt the belt land hard across her pussy from the top. She hauled in pain. Clearly the girls enjoyed that.

--- "Please..." --- she said weakly.

One of the girls sat over her, and pinched her nipples.

--- "Please." --- Lilly begged --- "I was paid to do it. I was sold."

--- "We know." --- she said in a calm voice --- "We paid for you." - she smiled and twisted Lilly's nipples hard.

Lilly cried out, and when settled the girl slapped her face.

--- "Paid or not, you are a complete slut."

The girl got up, and a next series of blows landed on her body. The girls clearly just wanted her to suffer. When they were satisfied, the girls released her, and she curled into a ball. Most of the them left, and only two stayed behind. One of the girls came to her, and took off her mask. The bright lights in the bathroom blinded Lilly.

--- "High. I'm Meg, and this is Mon." --- she said smiling at her --- "We paid for you."

--- "Thank you, Ma'am." --- said Lilly, her eyes adjusting.

--- "You know, you could ruin the lives of many nice promising boys. If it would get out they fucked your underage ass."

--- "Ma'am I would never ..."

--- "Yes. You would never reveal it. Because if you did, we would really fuck you up." --- said the girl --- "But, you see our problem. You cannot just walk out of here."

--- "Please Ma'am. I can sneak through the back entrance."

--- "No. We have a better idea."

They brought a big gym bag, and placed it in front of her.

--- "Get in" --- said one of the girls unzipping the bag.

Lilly was to weak to stand, so she crawled to the bag, and got inside the best she could. Mon grabbed her hands, and tied them behind her back. She then thrown Lilly's bag on top of her. Then Meg took off her panties under her dress, and stuffed them into Lilly's mouth. Lilly could taste they were wet. Then they placed a piece of duct tape over her lips.

Finally they zipped up the bag. It held tightly around Lilly's curled up body. It was tight enough to constrain her movements completely, but not tight enough for the shape of her body to be visible from outside.

Lilly waited in the darkness, completely helpless, as she heard one of the girls coming with somebody. Probably to help lift the bag.

She was right, soon she heard two boys from the team, talk to them, and she felt them take one handle each, and lift her in the black bag. Lilly felt weird as she hovered above the ground in the bag. They walked through the school, and into the open. Finally they loaded her into a car. She heard muffled voiced of the two girls thanking for the help. She then heard the engine start, and they started to ride.

The zipper in the bag was opened, and Lilly lifted herself from the bag. Mon was driving the car, and Meg was with her in the back seat. She ordered her to stay in the backseat floor with her finger. Lilly wiggled out of her bag, and stayed on the floor. It was already dark outside, and they were riding through a forest. Meg cut the bonds on Lilly's wrists.

--- "It was fun to meet you" --- Meg said, and she opened the door.

She kicked Lilly out of the moving car, onto the side of the road. She then threw the contents of her bag, the bag itself, and her summer dress, out of the window. The car went away, leaving Lilly naked, scratched all over.