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The Kennedys, 2.1/2.2: Large Proposals

2022-08-05 00:00:04

Proposal 1

I flew down to L.A. with Kiki again. This time we were met at the airport by Jade, who expressed surprise to find me in tow. Jade was different from the average porn star I'd met before. First, she was driving an old Geo Metro, so I guessed frugal. She was also bigger than the average porn star, she was what is known as a "BBW" it seems, "Big Beautiful Woman." I wouldn't argue with any part of that label; she had humongous boobs which wobbled temptingly. She was also black, or African-American, or whatever you're supposed to call someone these days. Her skin was a nice shade of mahogany brown, which I could see plenty of under her halter top.

We were down in L.A. to shoot "Interracial BBW Lesbians." Kiki of course didn't count as a BBW, far from it, but the schtick for the video was contrasts. Size and color both made for good contrasts. There are a lot of inexplicable fetishes in porn, I'd never considered interracial as anything special; some people like it it seems. I'd never considered BBW before either, but with Jade sitting next to me, I could definitely change my mind about that. Lesbians are pretty standard in porn, for men's enjoyment of course. I like lesbian scenes, I don't have to ignore a man in it, and I can identify with both characters liking women.

It was later than normal leaving the airport, mid-morning on a Saturday. The traffic was terrible, so it took us a lot longer to get where we were going than I expected. We arrived at the usual nondescript commercial building. We headed into the dressing room which was empty, and the girls started getting ready.

I got to watch as usual, I knew what Kiki looked like naked, but I'd never seen, or even met, Jade before. She was interesting, there's more of her than I'm used to. Her boobs were huge as mentioned, obviously natural and swayed nicely. Her hips were generous, so all over she was well proportioned and shaped. She did have a bit extra around her middle, and it jiggled interestingly. Her "tan" was all over, it made her look quite exotic, and in contrast to Kiki's pale skin, I could see why interracial might be interesting.

The girls were still changing when two naked girls walked into the dressing room and told Jade and Kiki they were wanted on set in five minutes. Kiki introduced me to the two new girls, "Hatti" and "Iya". She apologized to the new girls for being late. The traffic did seem to have held us up more than expected. She then apologized to me, she had planned on me going down on her and Jade before the shoot. I like doing that. Kiki then asked if I wanted to stay with Hatti and Iya, with the implication of sex, or come watch them shoot their scene. As much as it'd be interesting and different to watch Kiki and Jade do the scene, the promise of sex won.

Kiki then told the new girls to be nice to me and she walked off with Jade. Kiki and Jade were both wearing interesting lacy lingerie. Hatti and Iya were also shooting Interracial BBW Lesbians, so they were a contrast. This time, Hatti was the BBW and white, she wasn't as nicely shaped as jade, a little too much around the middle to have a really good shape, but she was still naked and in front of me. I wasn't going to be so petty as to worry about her shape. Not with sex on offer. That left Iya of course, as the black half of the couple. She was even more of a contrast than Kiki and Jade, she was very slim, and really didn't have much boob at all, so not much shape. Again, I'm not that petty so as to complain, and them being naked always makes up for a lot.

The girls surrounded me, really Hatti did most of the surrounding on her own. Iya mostly pushed me into a very yielding Hatti. It was actually surprisingly erotic pressing into the mounds of Hatti flesh, and being pretty much smothered by her boobs. I felt all over Hatti, she felt nice. Iya, from behind me, said, "I think he likes you." Then whispered in my ear, "Would you like to go down on her?" I nodded, like I said, I like that.

Hatti sat down on a sofa, leant back and opened her legs wide. She looked very tasty, and very ready, her pussy was wide open and glistening. From behind me, Iya was undoing the buttons on my shirt, I always seemed to get stripped naked in these circumstances. The girls were naked, so it seemed only fair. My shirt off, Iya popped my pants button and unzipped me, she pulled down my pants and shorts as I knelt in front of Hatti. I ended up naked with my face in Hatti's pussy, who was obviously turned on and ready.

I could have made her come quickly, but I wanted to take it slow and savor it more. Hatti was leaning back on the sofa and moaning softly. That went on for quite some time before she shouted, "Shit!" Tensed up and then flopped on the sofa.

I was going to carry on to see what the reaction was, but from behind me, Iya asked, "Can I get some of that?" Hatti seemed quite happy with that, so Iya sat beside Hatti and opened her legs. It really was quite a contrast between them, something I might have wanted to investigate in future, but I had a job to do. I knelt in front of Iya and examined her pussy. She was shaved, as is common, but she looked quite different, the dark skin giving way to light pink skin inside of her pussy. Making it even more interesting than just a wet ready pussy alone.

Hers was really wet and ready, so I started working on it. Don't forget, I'm naked, on my knees and hard. Very turned on. It’s a position I usually end up in when I'm in L.A., I like it. But, I have a new pussy to explore, so I plumbed the pink depths of this one. There were even more contrasts, where Hatti had lots of extra padding around her pussy and lips, Iya was slim, and that extended to her lips. Again I took it slow, wanting to enjoy myself. Iya writhed around on the sofa, but unusually, was quiet. Eventually she came, relaxing onto the sofa, with a big smile on her face.

Hatti was lounging next to her, smiling, she offered her pussy to me, "Care for some more?" I did, so I went back to working on Hatti. I was happily working away, getting even more turned on, when I heard a loud voice behind me, "Yo not gettin yo bitch to do tha?"

I was startled and looked up; I thought it was rather a rude thing to say. Iya jumped up from where she was flopped on the sofa and knelt on the floor by us. I looked around, and two large girls had entered the dressing room. One was black, the other was white. It looked like they weren't going for a size contrast with this pair.

Hatti looked up and saw my expression, she said in a relaxed manner, "Now girls, be nice. Have you met Matt? Kiki's Matt?" She looked to me, and said, "Don't worry about them, that's usually Iya's job, she's my 'bitch' as they call it." Iya was kneeling downcast and silent. I caught on, Hatti and Iya were a couple offscreen and Hatti was dominant over Iya. I could appreciate that, I'd found I was a submissive myself to Kennedy (Kiki's alter-ego). Kiki was submissive to some other porn stars we knew, and to me to some extent. It added variety to our encounters.

The loud voice belonged to the new black girl, she quietened down and both the new girls came to greet me. Hatti introduces them as Ellie (black) and Emma (white). Now, I realized I was naked, and on my knees, and the new girls weren't. I blushed. I was just about getting over that habit, but not with everyone it seemed. I wasn't always tongue tied around girls now. They seemed to like what else I could do with my tongue, even if I couldn't speak with it.

Ellie asked Hatti, "Can I get me some of that?" Sometimes I was asked for sexual favors, sometimes it seemed they were someone else's gift to give. Hatti's this time. I do actually like that, but I hope I'm going to get some as well. Hatti looked at me questioningly, I shrugged, I didn't mind. So Hatti said, "Sure go for it." Ellie then pulled down the enormously large hot pants she was wearing, along with the panties under them and took a suitable position lounging on the sofa. She was only half-naked, so I didn't get to fully appreciate her feminine shape, her lower half was shaped much like Hatti, but colored like Iya. Really that doesn't matter, so much, but it gives the connoisseur something to appreciate. I was thinking of myself of a connoisseur of porn star pussy, I'd gone down on more than my fair share of it; I loved it.

Ellie was obviously not yet turned on. She had presumably, only just walked in off the street, not been shooting love scenes for two hours like Hatti and Iya. So I got to warm her up. She had a nice musky aroma (like she'd just walked in off the street), and not showered yet. That turned me on more. I warmed her up, and she got nice and juicy. I worked on her, I was being more direct about this, so I'd get to Emma soon enough.

Ellie came, and sprawled on the sofa smiling. I was really feeling horny now, I saw Emma sitting naked next to her, so I spread her legs and dived into her pussy before she could say anything. She was a noisy one, and she was freshly showered; I assume she'd been getting ready while I was working on Ellie. I was getting really worked up, and I was working away on Emma with all the skill I could muster to bring her off quickly. Finally, she gave a last piecing shriek and flopped on the sofa.

Looking up, I saw that Kiki and Jade were back in the room, looking on rather shocked or impressed, one or the other. I was just so horny, all I could think of was going down on the girls. However, before I got to them Kiki spoke. "Hey, we were thinking of getting something to eat." She looked me in the eye and seemed surprised, "Or do you just want to do us now?"

That didn't snap me out of the trance I'd gotten myself in, not entirely; Horny didn't even begin to cover what I was, I was almost shaking; I tried to say what I needed but I could barely think let alone speak. I needed something, I tried to say something, but I couldn't even form words correctly, "I, I, I," then I managed to blurt out, "Could I just get a blowjob or something? Something to get me off?"

Jade and Kiki exchanged glances and Kiki nodded to Jade, Kiki said, "Sure you can; Jade will be happy to help."

I got myself onto the sofa, and Jade came and knelt between my legs. I wasn't really thinking of her as a her, not as a porn star, not as a girl. I just needed to get off. She took me into her mouth, and that was going to do it in a hurry. It did, I grabbed the hair the back of her neck, and pulled us together, thrusting my dick into her mouth. I could only manage a few hard thrusts, hitting the back of her mouth before blasted my cum in to her.

I let go of Jade, and relaxed back onto the sofa without a care in the world. I found myself being hugged by Kiki, that was nice, and around the knees, I assumed by Jade. I came to my senses, and realized what I'd just done to Jade. Kiki likes it when I do that, she likes anything I want. I didn't know Jade, or how she liked things, so rough play like that might not be appropriate. I raised my head to see Jade hugging my knees, and said "Sorry, I got carried away."

Jade looked up, she had a great big smile on her face, and said, "Don't worry, I quite liked that." So that was alright then.

Kiki however, asked, "Why didn't you ask one of the others to do that for you?"

There were several reasons for that, first I didn't realize that was an option, so I said, "I can do that?" And also, I just wasn't thinking, more in a trance. "I wasn't thinking."

Kiki answered, "Yes you can, and so I see." Then asked the same question as before, "Do you want to get some food to eat? Or do you still want to do us here and now?"

Now that I'd come, I could think straight and things didn't seem so urgent. "I could eat something," I hastened to add, "food." But followed up with, "Unless you want something?" If they'd asked, I'd have been quite happy to put lunch on hold and go down on them or whatever they wanted. Being asked to do something was a great motivator, and sex would make me forget I'm hungry. But now that I thought of it, I was hungry. "I am quite hungry though."

That settled the matter, it was lunch time. However, that was when I noticed Kiki was splattered in chocolate. Her ass was covered in it, and there were traces, probably finger marks, all over her. Once you looked closely, you could also see that Jade was also lightly glazed, but it didn't show so much with her coloring. Lesbian scenes usually generate much less mess than straight scenes, no cum to splatter over the girls. It looks like the director wanted to make up for that in this scene.

I looked at some chocolaty hand prints on Kiki's boobs and licked my lips. She offered me the chance to lick it up, but said she really had to be getting into the shower, so I couldn't take long doing it. If I'd done that much longer, I might have changed my idea of the priorities of sex vs food. I should have licked it off her pussy as well, but then we'd never have got lunch. Maybe we could try that in future.

The girls got showered and dressed pretty quickly (quick for girls that is), I had a quick rinse, and we went to the usual place for lunch, TGIFridays. We had a leisurely lunch and talked. We (me and Kiki) had some things to discuss with Jade.

First the big, surprising news, Kiki said, "We're getting married!"

Jade's reaction was as expected at first, "Congratulations!" Followed by hugs and kisses, then she surprised us, "So he finally got off his ass and proposed hey? About time to, I had last June in the pool."

We both said, "There's a pool?"

"Of course there is, you're only happy when you drag him down here. Ava started the book after the second time you had him in tow. Other times, everyone was wondering why you were so glum all of a sudden."

This was a surprise to Kiki, I of course couldn't comment; I only saw her when I was with her. That did validate my decision to marry Kiki though. Like most episodes with Kiki/Kennedy, it was far from traditional. Kennedy had been getting worked up about her oral exam to defend her dissertation. I of course picked up on the "oral" part of that, and suggested she practice on me. I could have meant that either way, practice the defense, or just practice oral on me, I'd be happy with either. I'm sure either would have helped her, at least to take her mind off things. Actually, I'd have liked the practicing on me more, she had me tied to the breakfast bar at the time, and had promised me blowjobs anyway, she'd already gotten off herself.

She laughed a hearty laugh, then asked a question I hadn't been expecting. "Do you want to marry me?"

That may be the last thing I ever expected Kennedy to ask, not least because, "Err, am I supposed to?" Kennedy had made it quite clear that our arrangement was purely friends with benefits, and I was not allowed to get attached to her. I thought she "dragged" me down to L.A. to test me on that point. If I were happy fucking other porn stars, then it proved I wasn't attached. They were her rules, and I did want to continue fucking her, so I played by them.

She'd obviously just changed the rules, "You are allowed to want that."

"Oh." I had a quick think, and what I thought was, "I'd rather marry Kiki." It may seem like an odd thing to say, Kiki and Kennedy were the same person after all. Well, let me rephrase that, they were the same body. As I've said, they're really very different people. Kennedy was 'challenging' let's say, Kiki was very accommodating, if I were going to spend my life with someone, and had to choose between them, I'd choose Kiki. Not that I had a problem with Kennedy, I looked forward greatly to our benefits.

It was Kennedy's turn to be surprised. She obviously hadn't considered that reaction. She looked a bit put out, upset even. That was a first. I hastened to add something which may have been unwise, if I'd been thinking. "Look, I like you as a friend." Put her in the friend zone, that's really going to help. "As a lab partner, you're the best." If I did ever manage to get my doctorate, it was going to be with a big thanks to Kennedy for her help. "And, I really like the 'benefits' part of 'friends with', I wouldn't want to lose that."

However, Kennedy managed to further surprise me when she laughed at that. Not a dismissive laugh, not a laugh to deflect attention, a laugh because it’s funny. When she recovered from that, she saw my puzzlement and explained. "That's the reason why I asked you; I don't want to lose the benefits either. I really shouldn't tell you this, and don't let it go to your head, you really are the best lay I've ever had. Once I've got my doctorate, I'll be moving to L.A. and I thought marrying you would be the way to keep you for myself." That seemed much more like the Kennedy I knew, and her claiming me like that turned me on even more.

My next thought wasn't the best either, "I'd still like to keep being friends, with benefits, as well."

She smiled and said, "You haven't even proposed yet, and you're already lining me up as a mistress, ha! Why don't you propose to Kiki when she picks you up on Saturday."

I didn't even know I was being taken to L.A. for the weekend, but when Kiki turned up on Saturday morning on the way to the airport, I asked her. She said a very tearful "yes."

Proposal 2.

So with one point on the agenda down, we moved onto the next. Kiki was "coming out," not as gay, everyone knew she was at the very least flexible in her sexuality, but in her geekyness. We told Jade that Kiki was just about to get her doctorate, in particle physics no less.

That did surprise Jade, Kiki doesn't act like she's a genius, though now things had changed some, Kiki seemed to have got those lost IQ points back from Kennedy. I assured Jade this was for real, and that Kiki really was a different person most of the time I knew her. I showed Jade a few photos, of Kennedy working in the lab, and a few of Kiki in the lab. We'd snuck her into the lab as Kiki once or twice (God, that was hot). That seemed to convince Jade.

This lead into the third item on the agenda. Kiki started, "When I do get the doctorate, I'll be moving down here and starting a production company. Do you want to run it? The business side that is, I'll be the creative side." Jade was in porn to work her way through college, she was doing an MBA at Pepperdine out in Malibu; she was also qualified as a tax accountant. It seems she finds porn more interesting than tax accounting, but running a company would be even better.

She was cautious about the offer though, "That's very flattering, that you'd ask me, but where's the financing coming from?"

"I'm financing it myself, I've got a little over a million socked away." Jade was surprised by that. Kiki continued, "You know how much I make, I don't spend much of it. What I've got left should be enough capital to start. That's be your first job, coming up with the business plan to make sure I have enough to make this work."

I'd also been surprised when Kennedy told me about the money, which had been just after the discussion of marriage. It amounted to about 2,000 fucks, probably not that many really with the money she made from appearances and from her fan site. My attempt at humor was, "So can I marry you for your money and be a kept man?" It would certainly make my life easier if my wife had a fortune in the bank. Graduate students always have money issues, not having enough is the usual issue. Kennedy might have a problem with too much.

Kennedy laughed, then said, "I'll think about it, but you're going to have to earn it." She had already practiced her oral on me, and done the first of several blowjobs by that time, I was floppy and recovering, still tied to the breakfast bar. She opened her legs in front of me, and said, "Get to work!" Then rammed her pussy in my face, I like that. I did get to work, but not for the money, I like doing it for free even.

So after that revelation, Jade agreed to work on the business plan and think about the offer. We continued with lunch; sometime Kiki's phone rang. She said, "It's Ellie." And answered the phone. After a little conversation, she put the call on hold and asked me, "Do you have any particular desire to fuck her?"

If the situation arose, I certainly wouldn't mind fucking Ellie, but it wasn't a burning desire or anything. She had been rather rude So I shrugged non-committaly. Kiki picked up the call to say, "Sorry Ellie, we've other plans. Maybe another time."

When the call was over I said, "She was a bit rude." Which caused both the girls to smile.

Then Jade said to Kiki, "He is in demand isn't he?" Kiki shot her a look like she said something she shouldn't, and the subject was dropped. I do get much more than my fair share of porn stars to fuck, so I suppose Jade must be right, I hadn't thought about it much, I just liked that I get to fuck porn stars a lot.

Before the bill came at the end of the meal, Kiki turned to me and said, "Watch this." Then to Jade, "What's the total? Fifteen percent tip."

Jade immediately named a figure, when the bill arrived, and I worked out the total with a fifteen percent tip on top; Jade was right to the cent. Kiki said that Jade could have calculated individual bills for each of us, but that Kiki was picking up the tab. Then asked Jade, "This is a legitimate business expense right? I can expense it against the new company?"

Jade had an answer for that, which is much too boring to include here, and I've forgotten it anyway.

With business and lunch over, it was time to go to Jade's place, where we were expecting to stay the night, with the usual copious sex. Jade looked uncertain, and said, "I don't think you can stay the night."

A Surprised Kiki asked, "Why not?"

"The visitation rules, we're not allowed guests of the opposite sex past one A.M."

Me and Kiki looked at each other, "You're kidding?" I'd never even thought there'd be a rule like that.

"No, I'm not. It’s a religious school; they have rules. I mean what we do," she looked at Kiki saying that, I think she was meaning the lesbian sex they'd have when Kiki visited on her own, "is against the rules, but if we don't disturb anyone, no one will notice. But they're going to notice him. Him just being there would be against the rules."

After some discussion, it was decided we'd find a motel and we'd all stay the night there. Kiki also said it would mean she wouldn't have to be quiet like she usually was when visiting Jade. So Jade drove us (in the Metro) to her place in Malibu. It was a straight shot down the freeway and should have taken less than an hour. It was about two hours later we got to Malibu, a bit frazzled. We saw a motel as we were driving down the PCH, so we stopped and got a room, then carried on to Jades place.

She lived in an apartment at Pepperdine, which she shared with three other girls. It was a lot like my room in the graduate dorm, the cheap option, not the palatial studio apartment Kennedy lived in. Both Kiki and Jade had covered themselves up more modestly than I might expect, Kiki had put on a long knit cardigan, with a hem lower than her miniskirt. Jade had added a light cotton smock top over her halter. One of Jade's roomies was home when we arrived, she seemed to know Kiki and was excited when Jade announced the news of our engagement, I got kissed on the cheek, and blushed.

Jade's room was much like mine, except the bed was narrower, it might have been fun to try the three of us in it, but not comfortable. The motel was sounding like a better idea. Jade had a copy of the "Graduate Residential Handbook," it had the rules including the one about no visitors (of the opposite sex) after one A.M. and a blurb that all students, "will adhere to biblical teaching regarding moral and ethical practices." I guessed they didn't know about the porn, or the lesbian sex. That might not go down well with the bit of the student handbook (which she also had a copy of) which says, "Pepperdine University affirms that sexual relationships are designed by God to be expressed solely within a marriage between husband and wife." So definitely no lesbian sex, and no porn.

We didn't stay long, Jade collected a few things and we drove back to the motel. That was a relief; the atmosphere in her apartment was really not conducive to sex. I had this image of Kiki and Jade sitting on the bed (fully clothed) holding hands and kissing like virgins. That'd be about as much as the rules allowed them.

At the motel, Jade went to freshen up in the bathroom, as me and Kiki looked around. It was pretty spartan there, but it had a big bed; this was going to be fun. We were sitting on the bed (fully clothed), kissing, not quite like virgins, waiting for Jade, when we heard a splash and "Shit!" From the bathroom. The bathroom door opened, and Jade stood in the doorway and said, "Don't ask." She was wearing just the cotton smock top, nothing else, and it was soaking wet.

I didn't ask anything because I was captivated. The wet top served more to highlight Jades bounteous charms rather than hide them. It was almost transparent where it clung to her curves, I could see her nipples and areolae through it, but it hid other parts. There was a hint of pussy as the hem swayed. It had my attention. It had my dick's attention; he was standing (to attention). Kiki said to Jade, "I think he likes you."

Jade looked uncomfortable, just like I can be, so she wasn't meeting our gaze. She wandered over to us on the bed, Kiki asked her, "Do you want it?" Jade nodded slightly; I think my services had just been offered to Jade. That was promising; Jade was looking very tasty.

However, Jade had doubts, "He just proposed to you this morning?"

I hadn't considered that angle, what am I supposed to do the day I propose marriage, fucking someone else seems unconventional. Like I said, our relationship is far from traditional. Kiki seemed certain though, saying, "I'm not going to spoil his fun, I want him to be happy." That's the sort of reason why I want to marry Kiki.

That mollified Jade, she sat down next to me, and lay down with her knees up and legs open, still wearing the wet smock top. Her pussy had light sparse wiry hair. That was different; I hadn't met many hairy pussies in porn. She was obviously turned on, anticipating this, she was glistening temptingly. I lowered myself to kiss her, she was as tasty as she looked. The hair didn't make much of a difference once you got to the heart of the matter, no hair in there. Though I was surprised that the color extended further inside, no sign of pink.

I took my time about licking her gently at first, I wanted to enjoy myself. There were muted sighs and moans from Jade, I took those as a good sign. More licking and she was twitching some, this was getting serious, so I backed off a bit and she continued the twitching. I was enjoying myself and getting real turned on, eventually I stepped things up, and Jade arched her back, her butt completely off the bed while making muted gurgling noises. I felt everything relax, her hips finally still and back on the bed. I looked up to see her body spreadeagled as wide as her smile.

I think I did alright there, but I was real turned on, not quite as bad as at lunch, but I was getting there. Kiki was now naked, that's always good, and she was hugging Jade. She'd pulled off the wet smock top so Jade's boobs were on display. They were very intriguing. They'd squashed down a bit as she was lying on her back, they looked even bigger now. I flanked Jade and examined the boobs. I've said it before, I like boobs, I hadn't seen ones this big before. I tried holding one in both hands, I could barely touch my finger tips together while holding just one. The right one was slightly bigger than the left.

I played with Jade's boobs. I like naked girls; Jade was no exception. Which reminds me, I was still fully clothed, hard, and really turned on. I caught Kiki's eye and nodded to my dick. Kiki kissed Jade on the lips, Jade opened her eyes, and sighed in a relaxed manner, saying, "And I thought you were the best pussy licker." Then, she closed her eyes again.

They had a whispered conversation I didn't catch, and Kiki looked to my crotch and then to Jade's crotch, she wanted me to fuck Jade. As turned on as I was, I didn't need any more encouragement. I jumped off the bed, ripped off my jeans and shorts and got back on to kneel between Jade's open legs.

Jade's eyes were closed, but they shot open as I pushed my way into her pussy. She gasped, but then relaxed, and closed her eyes again. I made a few strokes, and she made an appreciative sounding "Ooo" noise. I took that as a good sign and carried on like that. I'd only come the once so far today (the blowjob at lunch), so I was feeling like I was going to get somewhere pretty soon. I've said it before, I LOVE FUCKING, and Jade seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was, that was turning me on more. So when she started moaning and writhing, she pushed me over the edge and I came.

I manage not to fall on top of Jade, more half off of her and make it a hug, with my face resting on her boobs. I liked that. It wasn't so long before I felt Jade move, she rolled onto her side facing me, held my face with her hands and kissed me, repeatedly. I wasn't in much of a state to listen to what she was saying; she was saying "Thank you." A lot. Then, "If they're all as good as that, I might be tempted to try that again sometime."

That echoed around my brain for a while, before I had to ask, "You've never done it with a man before?"

"Not before you at lunch." Was her answer.

My brain processed that slowly, "You were a virgin? Never done a blowjob?"


"You're a porn actress?" That didn't compute.

Kiki came to my aid, "She's only done lesbian scenes. And that's how she likes her sex." Jade looked embarrassed at being discussed like that, she may have been blushing; it’s difficult to tell with her color. Kiki continued to Jade, "He may have spoiled you for men though."

"Oh." Was about all I could say to all that, it seemed no one had thought I might like to know the important information that she was a virgin. But then, I don't know what I'd have done about it if I did know, probably got nervous and screwed up. "Probably best I didn't know then." I nuzzled in her boobs some more.

Jade did say, “I never knew I was a Lesbian either, until I met Kiki.”

Kiki added, “She did my taxes.”

Jade replied: “Then she did me.” She laughed at her own comment, like she was horrified she was saying that. She added, “I was a good Indiana girl until I met Kiki, my Dad’s the preacher.” Kiki looked pleased with herself. “She also got me into porn; it pays better than tax preparation.”

Jade rolled back onto her back, I thought I'd play with her boobs some more; they were nice. Kiki moved down to between Jade's legs and started licking her. Kiki does like going down on a pussy once I've come in it. (In contrast to Kennedy who really likes me going down on her pussy once hers has been come in, and not always by me.)

Like I said, I like lesbian scenes, and they're even better when you're on the bed with the lesbians. It was definitely an interesting contrast with the slim, pale, Kiki lying between Jade's voluptuous dark thighs. Jade was definitely a nice shape and color; I hoped we'd get to do this again sometime.

Between playing with Jade's boobs, which Jade (and me) were digging, and Kiki licking Jade's pussy, which both me and Jade appreciated (in different ways), I was getting turned on again. Which reminded me, what about Kiki? Kiki was happy to do whatever her partner wanted, and in Jade's company she was restrained and not-assertive, her demeanor also changed with her partner. So she hadn't voiced any desires, and I do get a bit wrapped up in myself sometimes. I was trying to be more attentive to Kiki, but it can be difficult where there's another porn star or two to fuck.

So I got behind Kiki, and I unbuttoned my shirt, Kiki does like me in just an unbuttoned shirt like that. I felt between her legs, to check she was turned on. I don't know why I bothered doing that, of course she was wet, she always is. She wiggled her ass at me. I looked up to Jade, she was really out of it with Kiki working away at her like that. I didn't want to disturb Jade's pleasure, but on the other hand I had a hard on. That, and Kiki was wanting something, so I gave it to her.

I slammed into Kiki's pussy, just like she really likes it. I wasn't going to last long like that, not that I was going to come so soon, I just can't keep that up for long, it’s a workout. It’s a workout I'd been practicing though, so I managed to keep up long enough for Kiki to come, and she fell on her side twitching.

Unfortunately, I had disturbed Jade's pleasure, so she'd been watching, wide eyed, as I pounded away at Kiki. My hard on was now pointing straight at Jade, I was turned on, not thinking too well, and wondering what to do next to do something about the hard on. Jade looked at Kiki twitching, and then at my hard on, then got up onto her hands and knees facing me, with her mouth open. That was an invitation if ever I saw one, I grabbed the back of her head and rammed my dick into her mouth, much like I had at lunch. I thrust in her mouth, and it got messy with the spit, and there was gasping as she tried to breathe at those times I wasn't choking her. It was a lot like some of my favorite scenes from Kiki's videos.

Kiki recovered sufficiently to roll over so her face was directly underneath us, and she smiled up at me. It looked like she wanted something, so I pulled out of Jade's mouth and jerked off while Jade snatched some breaths. A few strokes later I came, very messily, over both of their faces. Satisfied with my handiwork, I crumpled into a heap on the bed to recover.

I slowly recovered, and I was hugged, I liked that. Then I had a thought; I looked up to see Jade's cum splattered face smiling at me, "That was alright? I wasn't too rough?"

She sighed contentedly, and smiled happily, "No, that was fine. But, if one or other of you wants to finish what she started, I wouldn't mind."

We did eventually do that. We spent most of the rest of the afternoon having lazy sex, we ordered pizza, and someone said, "This is my second favorite thing to eat in bed." We laughed. Eventually, we drifted off to sleep.

Again, I'm not sure I was dreaming or not, I think I woke up sometime in the night, then Jade sat on my face and Kiki blew me. With those two, it was obvious who was who. It's a very dreamlike, very erotic memory, my face trapped under warm wet folds of flesh. In the morning, the girls said they'd tried to go for a walk on the beach naked, but it’s all built up along the PCH there, there was no obvious way to get to the beach. So they went skinny-dipping in the motel pool instead.

They'd been talking about Kiki's business idea; Jade was on board now, if she could make the numbers make sense. It seems I may have been a deciding factor, Kiki had told Jade she could have me whenever Jade wanted, if she agreed to help Kiki. Like I said, sometimes my services are someones else's to give. Sounds good to me. The face sitting was Jade taking Kiki up on the offer.

That was when someone suggested I should be the "fluffer" for Kiki's production company. At least where the female talent is concerned. A fluffer is of course someone who gets a porn star ready for their scene, usually by performing oral on them. Usually it’s the men that need that. Kiki said she’d take on that job on the men, but I could have the females. The job doesn't pay well, but I wouldn't mind, I'd do that for free too.