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The Lesbian Debt (Chapter 32) - Office Restructuring

2023-01-24 00:08:39

Chapter 32

Daniel left in the morning, and Laura, tired and full of cum, prepared to go to work. Erica stumbled back from Ranjit's house a little after Daniel left. There was semen leaking from her pussy, bruises on her tits, and a visible slap mark on her face. Laura made no comment on it, merely kneeling in front of her to lick the delicious sperm from her cunt, and then leading her to the backyard so both girls could piss (naked and masturbating) and shower.

At work, Laura arrived in Alistair's office to find him preparing for a meeting. Candy and Katy were present, both clothed, and Alistair shook his head at Laura as she started to expose her tits. "You bitches are coming with me," he said. "Leave your clothes on for now."

They obediently followed him through the building to a large conference room in the HR area. Laura shivered - this is where she had come to admit she had lied about Alistair raping her. It reminded her of her humiliation that day.

Today the blinds on the glass walls were all closed. She followed Alistair into the room to find three people waiting. One was John, Alistair's divisional boss. The second was Chelle from HR, an elegant and bitchy blonde. Both of them had been there the day Laura had called herself a liar. The last was Harrison, the director-general at the head of the department.

Laura stood nervously next to Candy and Katy as Alistair shut the door. Then he said to them, "Clothes off, sluts."

Laura looked around, wide-eyed. Surely she had misheard - he couldn't intend her to strip in front of the head of the department? But the two men and the woman at the table were watching expectantly. This was real. Reluctantly, she peeled off her clothes as her superiors watched hungrily, until she was finally nude, her big tits bare, her wet cunt exposed. Candy and Katy did likewise, resulting in a trio of nude sluts wondering what was to happen to them.

There was silence for a minute as the three at the table stared at the naked girls. Then Chelle said, "I'm impressed, Alistair."

Alistair smiled. "They'll do anything, too. You can rape them, humiiliate them, piss in their mouths... if they haven't balked at what I've done to them so far they won't complain about anything, I'll bet."

Chelle asked, "Will they lick pussy?"

"Eagerly," replied Alistair. "Why don't you try them out?"

"I'll try the brunette Christian bitch," said Chelle, motioning to Katy. "Harrison, why don't you try the pink-haired rape liar, and John can try the blonde bimbo?"

Alistair ushered the girls forward. Katy was pushed to her knees, where she crawled unde the table to where Chelle was lifting her skirt and lowering her panties. Chelle guided the reluctant girl's face to her twat, and sighed happily as Katy began to lick. Candy was pushed roughly forward onto the table, bent at the waist, her ass pointing out. John extracted his stiff cock from his pants, spat on Candy's puckered asshole to lubricate it, and then began to work his cock into her anus as Candy whimpered unhappily.

Laura was made to sit on the Director-General's lap. He had his cock out and it slid smoothly into Laura's wet pussy as she lowered herself onto him. He smiled in ecstasy. "You *are* a good little slut," he told her, holding her against him with one arm as his other explored her breasts, groping them, squeezing them, pinching her nipples. He lifted her a little, making his cock slide in and out of her, and Laura took the hint and began to bounce obediently on his cock.

"Well done, Alistair," Harrison said as he fucked Laura. "When you said you had sex slaves to share, I thought you were joking, but you've really come through. I think we can definitely arrange that promotion for you. We'll move these three bitches to be your new team, but I think their real job can just be keeping their holes available, what do you think?"

"That sounds great," Alistair said. "The best thing about these bitches, though, is that they bring their friends to the yard. Laura here is responsible for enslaving the other two sluts, and then I've had Katy getting blackmail material for several more of her friends. Candy hasn't raped anyone yet, the ungrateful cow, but I have hopes for the future."

"God," gasped Chelle appreciatively, bucking her groin against Katy's face. "Do you think we could just make it their full-time job to turn every attractive bitch in the department into a sex toy?"

"I think we could manage that," replied Harrison. "What do you think, girls? We'll move you out of your current positions, and your job will be to sexually service us, and blackmail and rape your coworkers. Does that sound good to you?"

The idea was making Laura's cunt wet - or at least the slutty hetero part of Laura. The old Laura didn't like it at all, but then the old Laura was a dyke bitch so she probably deserved it. Laura nodded happily as she bounced on the Director-General's dick. "Yes, that sounds wonderful." The other two girls didn't answer - Katy had a mouthful of cunt, and John had his hand over Candy's mouth as he ploughed her ass - but Harrison seemed happy to take Laura's answer as representing all three of them.

"How about a party at my house to celebrate tonight?" suggested Alistair.

"That sounds great," said John. "Can we use these other girls that Katy is blackmailing?"

"Absolutely," said Alistair. "In fact - are you sluts listening to me?" Laura nodded yes, which seemed to satisfy him. "I want each of you to bring a lesbian date - a girl you can fuck while we watch - and also bring us a new friend for us to rape, someone you can control afterwards so she doesn't make any complaints. You can have the rest of the day off, after you're done here, to find something to wear and get your dates lined up."

The management used the girls for another half hour. Harrison came in Laura's cunt, Chelle on Katy's face, and John in Candy's ass. They had the girls lick each other clean. Licking cum out of Candy's ass was a new experience for Laura - it was gross, but the cum still tasted as good as ever, and she licked eagerly. Then they swapped. Laura licked out Chelle, while Candy sucked Harrison's cock and Katy sucked John's. All three took the opportunity to try pissing in the girls' mouths, which by this point they were all well-accustomed to. Then they dressed, and sent the girls home.

Laura didn't go straight home. She had an errand first. She needed to find a rape-date for the party tonight. Once the idea of deliberately setting a girl up to be raped would have disgusted her. Now it excited her. Seeing other girls treated the way she was made her feel better about herself. It made her cunt wet. She had internalised the idea that girls should be raped. It was what they deserved.

She made her way to the section where Taylor worked - young, blonde Taylor, who was Laura's friend. Taylor who had forgiven Laura for lying about being raped, had forgiven Erica for kissing her when Erica was all slutty and confused. She looked at Taylor at work, and she didn't see a smart young girl in a professional career - she saw a potential sex partner. She pictured what Taylor might look like naked, being raped, cum trickling from her pussy.

"Hey Taylor," she said cheerfully, as the pretty girl saw her approach. "Can I talk you into coming to a work function with me tonight?"


Laura and Erica were the last to arrive at Alistair's house that night. Laura, knowing what was coming, had had a bout of anxiety that required her to receive no less than three orgasms from Erica's tongue, naked in the bedroom, visible through the window from the street, before she was calm enough to dress and leave the house.

Both girls were wearing what were by now fairly standard slutty outfits for them - short belt skirts with no panties whose hems left their twats showing, tight braless tops cropped below their nipples to show their underboob, and stripper heels. Laura had coordinated both of them in matching pink. They looked like prostitute Barbies.

Alistair had a large-ish house in the outer suburbs - all one storey, modern design, with a pool in the backyard. When Laura arrived, she ws welcomed in by Alistair, who welcomed her by reaching between her legs and pinching her clitoris while kissing her on the lips. This was his first time officially meeting Erica, but it didn't stop him from doing exactly the same to her. Erica passively let him abuse her clitoris and stick his tongue down her throat - Laura had warned her she would be repeatedly raped tonight, which Erica had accepted submissively.

It became clear the new girls - the rape offerings, Laura supposed - were being entertained out the back by the pool, presumably so they wouldn't see the slutty outfits of Alistair's slave-girls and freak out until the men were ready. The whores, meanwhile, were collected in the front room.

Laura was pleased and amused to see Katy in the new state that Alistair kept her in - naked, crawling on all fours, collared. Her pregnant belly was beginning to show, though her tits were not yet swollen with milk. "Say hello, Katy-cow," Alistair said. "Mooooo," said Katy unhappily, then crawled over to Laura and raised her head expectantly. Laura lifted her skirt hem, and Katy gave Laura's cunt a welcoming lick. Laura almost orgasmed at the humiliation and degradation in Katy's eyes.

Candy was dressed as a kind of maid. She had a short frilly lace skirt that concealed nothing, a lace collar, black stockings and heels. She was topless, her big bimbo tits on display, and Alistair had hung a serving tray from them. The tray was connected to a belt that went around the thinnest part of her waist, and it was supported in a flat position by cords connected to clamps on Candy's nipples. Her tits thus supported the whole weight of the tray, which must have been substantial as it currently bore a full bottle of champagne and two glasses. Candy's hands were cuffed behind her back, forcing her to just her tortured tits forward and giving her no way to seek release from the weight. Laura could see tears in Candy's eyes. She went over to the slut, poured herself and Erica glasses of champagne, and was careful to put the bottle back on the tray with unnecessary force, just to watch it pull at the blonde bitch's udders.

There were other girls in the front room, of course. One was a big-titted brunette girl in an elegent evening dress. Laura couldn't see her tits OR her cunt and was wondering why she was here, until Alistair explained. "This is Candy's lesbian date, Natalie," he said. "Apparently she's been hitting on Candy for months, and Candy's been turning her down because Candy claimed to not be a lesbian. When we gave Candy so little time to find a date today, she didn't have any choice but to turn to Natalie. Apparently she even went so far as to *beg* Natalie to come, and told her that Natalie would probably get to *rape* Candy."

Natalie smiled and raised her wine glass in a toast. "I can't wait," she said, smiling broadly, looking at pretty, abused Candy. Laura kept her own thoughts to herself - Natalie might think she was going to be dominating her friend tonight, but Laura was pretty sure Natalie would get raped too.

"And you'll never guess who Candy brought us as our rape offering," Alistair continued. "Her own little sister, Hayley! Candy must have been pretty desperate to find someone. She's out by the pool - we'll have some fun with her later."

That left Katy's girls, of course. Katy had already had to rape three friends for Alistair to be allowed to stay in his house, and all three were in the front room tonight. None of them had come to the house dressed slutty - all three had started out dressed as if for church, which made sense as they were obviously Katy's church friends. After arriving, Alistair had removed their tops, leaving them in long modest skirts with their tits exposed. He had them kneeling in a row by the wall.

The first, Paige, a pretty blonde, was Katy's "lesbian date". Laura's internal instinct to degrade women classified her as "a medium-titted rapekitten". Laura later learned Paige and Katy had been friends since primary school. Paige had cried all through Katy's rape of her - at least when her mouth wasn't full of Katy's cunt - and cried more when Katy had taken pictures of her naked body and threatened to show them to the church community if Paige wasn't a good little sex slave. But like a proper Christian, Paige had forgiven Katy, and like a good friend had agreed to do whatever it took to help Katy in the desperate situation she had found herself in, even if that meant doing horrible sinful lesbian things with Katy. She was in denial about the fact she orgasmed whenever Katy tongued her pussy, though.

The second, Elle, a small-titted redhead bitch, had turned out to already be a lesbian and a submissive, albeit a closeted one. She had responded to her raping with passion and enthusiasm, and had barely needed to be blackmailed to service Katy's pussy. She had been less excited when she discovered she would have to fuck men too, and Katy had had to hold her down for her first raping by Alistair. The girls had kissed as Alistair ploughed Elle's twat, and that had helped a little.

The third, Rachael, was another blonde, although with noticeably bigger udders that Paige. Laura learned she had been a cheerleader at Katy's school, that she and Katy had never gotten along, and that Katy had taken a vicious joy in drugging, photographing and raping the large-titted bitch. Alistair told Laura that, entirely unbidden, Katy had volunteered to flog Rachael's tits with a belt for him, which he enjoyed, and that on another occasion he'd put a pink wig on Rachael and told Katy to call her friend "Laura", and Katy had literally orgasmed from hurting and torturing the girl. It seemed Katy harboured some messed up feelings for large-breasted women, and particularly Laura, who had so willingly sold Katy into slavery.

Katy's offering was out by the pool, an innocent-looking brunette named Victoria, still in her best Sunday church dress, complete with adorable headband. Victoria was another close friend of Katy's, someone who Katy had loved and been close to for years, and Katy had been having occasional crying jags for the last couple of hours at the knowledge she was arranging for her friend's rape and enslavement. Alistair had told Katy she was forever forbidden from admitting she had been told to do this - they were going to present this to Victoria as all having been Katy's idea, that Katy had begged them to rape her friend.

And of course there was Taylor. Wet-cunted and emotionally numb, Laura was able to suppress her own feelings about betraying her friend and concentrate on how good it would be to see her naked and crying with a fat cock penetrating her twat.

With all the girls present, Alistair carefully locked and deadbolted all the doors, then went outside to invite the new girls in.

Taylor, Victoria and Hayley emerged from the pool enclosure into the main room. Laura liked the look of Hayley - she was a buxom blonde teen, maybe 19 years old, a younger version of Candy who had not yet upgraded to the fake tits of her sister. Behind the three came the rest of the management group - Chelle, dressed in an elegant and sexy cocktail dress; John, in a suit; and Harrison similarly besuited, accompanied by his redhead trophy wife Karen (whose fake tits rivalled Candy's).

Harrison surreptiously locked the exterior door behind him as he entered.

The new girls looked around and what was before them - Katy naked and crawling, Candy in her torturous bare-titted maid suit, Laura and Erica dressed as lesbian Barbies. Their eyes widened. Hayley immediately turned and tried to bolt back outside. Harrison gave her a sharp push, causing her to fall backwards onto the floor, her skirt riding up to expose her cute whtie panties.

"Welcome to the party, sluts," laughed John, catching Taylor in a chokehold. Chelle and Karen grabbed Victoria and began ripping at her top, tearing it to expose her conservative bra. Harrison followed Hayley to the floor, kneeling between her legs, putting a firm hand to her throat to hold her down.

"Don't just stand their, bitches," Alistair said to the pre-raped sluts. "Help."

Obediently Katy crawled over to Victoria and helped Chelle and Karen get her to the ground. She pulled at Victoria's skirt as Victoria kicked her legs futilely, eventually removing it, and then pulled Victoria's lacy panties down her legs to bare her cunt. Laura was amused to see Victoria's cunt was shaven - she wondered whether that was the influence of a father who knew how to present his daughter, or just that Victoria wasn't quite the good church girl she seemed. She watched as Chelle knelt between Victoria's legs and began to lick and bite Victoria's cunt, while Karen kissed Victoria passionately on unwilling lips.

Candy dithered futilely for a moment, wondering how to manage the fact she was cuffed and had a tray hanging from her tits, before finally mincing over to her sister and kneeling with her cunt over Hayley's face. She lowered her twat to her sister's lips, effectively pinning her sister's head to the ground and muffling her screams. Candy was crying as she felt her sister struggling against her pussy, and crying as she felt her pussy wettening from the stimulation of her sister's mouth. Freed from the need to hold Hayley's throat, Harrison was able to remove Hayley's skirt and panties, extract his own dick, and push it into the teen's tight cunt. He sighed happily, then reluctantly unhooked Candy's tray from her nipples so he could kiss the blonde bimbo while he fucked her sister.

Laura and Erica went to help John with Taylor. They ripped at Taylor's clothes until the blonde girl was completely nude, then then each held one of Taylor's legs and lowered her to the ground. On the ground, Katy's friends Elle and Paige came to help. The four girls each held one of Taylor's limbs spreadeagled.

"Please," Taylor begged, looking at Laura. "Why are you doing this?"

"Because you're a dumb slut that needs to be raped," said Laura numbly.

John, still standing, kicked Taylor in her cunt. Taylor yelped. "Are you going to be good, you dumb slut?" he asked her. Taylor said nothing, so he kicked her again.

"Yes!" Taylor gasped. "Please don't hurt me."

"I can't promise that," said John. He got the girls to lift Taylor and bend her over an armchair, her ass pointing up, then he spat on her asshole and pushed his cock into her anus as she cried.

With all of the new girls under control and being raped, it was time to parcel out the rest of the sluts. Alistair was desperate to fuck Erica, who he had heard and seen so much of, so Laura sat him in one of the armchairs and had Erica bounce on his cock. As Alistair enjoyed Erica's service, he instructed Katy and Paige to fuck, which he promised was hilarious - and, to Laura's now-twisted mind, it was.

Both Katy and Paige had so many emotions running through them - disgust at being made to be lesbians, genuine affection for each other, unwilling arousal, trauma at being raped and raping, embarassment and humiliation to be on display, genuine fear for their immortal souls. They were in tears and sobbing before they even started kissing - Alistair said they were like this every time - and yet their engagement was full of passion and arousal. They shared tongues, rubbed their tits against each other, ground their bare cunts against each others' knees, and then almost desperately moved into a 69 position, eager to suckle on each other's slut-nests. Laura watched them writhe and moan towards a mutual climax, saw them orgasm together like the little lesbian sluts they were, and then with great amusement watched them afterwards piss in each other's mouths, which Alistair had taught them to do just to increase their degradation and the horror with which they regarded their lesbian coupling. And when it was over, they went back to kissing to start the cycle over from the beginning, forbidden from stopping their lovemaking until they were told to.

Natalie, meanwhile, watched Candy raping her sister, and waited until Candy had received her first reluctant orgasm from her sister's mouth before pulling Candy away, raising the hem of her dress, and applying her friend's mouth to her cunt. She whispered degrading nothings at Candy as the bimbo licked her twat. "You stupid dumb bitch," you said. "You reject me? This is what you deserve. You deserve to be a stupid little sex-toy, don't you? I want to kick you in your stupid bimbo tits. I want to hurt you, you beautiful little slut." Laura noted that Candy, once so sure she was straight, had become a talented little cunt-licker, and Natalie was enjoying raping Candy's face immensely.

All this left Laura with her choice of activities. Katy's friends Elle and Rachael were still unusued, so Laura decided to fuck Rachael. Big-titted cheerleader types were her favourite to rape because they reminded her most strongly of herself and her shame over her own large, slutty udders. She sat on Rachael's face facing Rachael's tits, and had Rachael lick her pussy while she pinched and slapped Rachel's oversized boobs. She allowed Elle to lie between Rachael's legs and lick out Rachael's snatch, so that Rachael would associate the degradation with sexual pleasure as Laura had learned to.

After the first round of fucking the girls were encouraged to use their camera phones to take photos of each other over the rest of the night. Alistair had already grabbed pictures of the new girls and they were warned not to call for help or the videos of their degrading rape would of course have to be tendered in evidence at any court case, and released to the media. All the girls present were told that whichever girl had taken the *least* degrading pictures or videos by the end of the night would have the photos taken by the other girls released on the internet with her real name and address attached.

This idea barely bothered Laura anymore, at least in her current numb state - it was not much worse that what her brother planned to do with her new website - but she liked the idea of Katy being outed on the internet as a lesbian slut, so decided to make sure she didn't come in last. Over the course of the night she caught each girl after a cunt or ass fucking and made them say, "My name is (name) and I orgasm from being raped," while she filmed the semen leaking from their spread holes. Erica, passive slut that she was, might not have competed at all, so Laura had to specifically direct her to get footage of every girl present licking cunt and drinking piss.

As Laura suspect, Natalie's turn as a dominatrix didn't last for long. When Harrison wa done fucking Hayley, he stood up, leaving Hayley lying on the floor crying, sperm dripping from her twat, and pulled Candy's face away from Natalie's twat. "Clean up your sister," he told her, and Candy obediently crawled over to lick the cum out Hayley's fuckhole. Then Harrison ripped Natalie's dress off in one smooth, forceful motion, and forced the surprised girl to her knees.

"Suck," he commanded her. Natalie balked at taking his cock into her mouth, so he slapped her across the face. "Suck," he said again. Another slap, for being disobedient. "Suck," he repeated a third time, and Natalie, defeated, finally opened her mouth and took his cock between her lips. Laura orgasmed against Rachael's face as she watched yet another lesbian learning that her proper place was as a submissive sex-toy for men.

The other men rearranged the girls as a series of lesbian sex shows in the middle of the room as they recovered from their respective orgasms and waited for their dicks to re-harden. Laura was moved to lick out Erica for everyone's entertainment, to show how she lezzed off at home. Katy was separated from Paige and made to fuck her friend Victoria instead. Candy and Hayley unwillingly demonstrated their sisterly love for everyone. And Harrison told Chelle she was welcome to use his wife as her toy, and so Chelle eagerly humped Karen's face. Elle and Paige service Alistair and John's cocks with their mouths as the men watched all this. Alistair wanted to see Taylor piss in front of a crowd, correctly guessing how degrading that would be for her, and sent Rachael to find a glass bowl for her to urinate in. Then they all watched Taylor kneel over the bowl, blushing, refusing to piss, as Rachael alternately kissed her on the lips, made her drink full bottles of beer, and slapped her tits painfully as punishment. Finally Taylor couldn't hold it any more and began to wet herself in front of everyone, her eyes scrunched closed in shame, blushing. Rachael slapped her to make her open her eyes and look at the people watching her, all the while filming Taylor's degradation on her phone. The most humiliating bit was at the end, as the last drops were flowing from Taylor's cunt, when the assembled crowd saw Taylor visibly and degradingly orgasm from pissing in public.

The men liked it so much that afterwards they had Victoria and Hayley do the same show. Victoria was sobbing all the way through hers. Hayley, high off an orgasm from her sister's tongue, didn't cry, only blushed as she pissed into the bowl.

Then they passed the bowl around the new girls and had each of them drink a little from it while masturbating. Taylor refused twice, and had to be slapped to get her to comply, but when she did drink from it she orgasmed again, blushing. Hayley didn't enjoy it so much. VIctoria barely seemed to know what she was doing.

They made Natalie drink from it too, which was the point it became clear to Natalie that she was no different from any of the other girls here - she would be blackmailed and repeatedly raped just like them. She cried a little as she drank the piss and rubbed her pussy.

There was a bit left in the bowl when she was done. Harrison lifted it and carried it over to Chelle. "Now you," he said.

Chelle laughed. "No thanks."

He slapped her. "That wasn't a request."

She looked up at him shocked. "What the hell do you think you're doing? I work with you."

"You think that makes you special?" he said. "You think you get a different treatment from these other cunts just because you're higher up the ladder. You're a bitch, Chelle, and you get treated like all the other bitches." He slapped her again.

She tried to raise her hands to defend herself, but John came up behind her and grabbed her arms.

"Oh, you'll still get to rape these other bitches at work," Harrison said. "But if you think that means you don't offer your cunt to your betters, you'd best think again." He raised the bowl. "Open wide."

She wouldn't, so he slapped her, and slapped her again. She still resisted.

"I can get a funnel..." Alistair offered hesitantly.

"No," said Harrison. "She's going to choose to do this. Open wide." He slapped her again. "Taylor, get between her legs and start hurting her cunt."

Taylor hesistated for a moment, then did as she told. Only enslaved that very same night, she was already becoming an accomplice in the enslavement of another slut, which she hated, but she feared to disobey. She knelt between Chelle's spread legs and began to pinch Chelle's clit painfully and bite her labia. Chelle moaned in pain.

"Open up," said Harrison, and slapped her again. And again. And again. Finally, unwillingly, Chelle opened her mouth.

"Good girl," said Harrison, and tipped the piss into her mouth.

Chelle spluttered and choked but managed to swallow most of it. She looked up at him with tear-filled eyes. Taylor was still hurting her pussy, as she hadn't been told to stop.

"Ask for more," Harrison told her.

"Please..." Chelle choked. "More."

"Full sentences, slut," he said.

"Please Harrison, give me more piss to drink," she begged. Rachael was filming all of this.

"Good girl," he said again. He pushed his cock towards her mouth, and she accepted it obediently. His pissed into her mouth, and she drank it like a good little bitch.

After that, everyone wanted a turn pissing into Chelle's mouth. Alistair even let Laura do it, which was fun for Laura because she still remembered having to tell this woman she had lied about being raped. When it was over they laid Chelle on the table spread-legged and Harrison flogged her cunt with his leather belt until Chelle was incoherently begging for mercy. Then each of the men fucked her one at a time - Alistair and Harrison in her cunt, John in her ass.

During this time Laura and Erica got to fuck Taylor, finally. Laura was particularly proud of Erica, because Erica genuinely raped Taylor. She ignored Taylor's pleas to be kind to her, climbing on top of Taylor and grinding her needy cunt against Taylor's face. Laura watched as Erica repeatedly and painfully slapped Taylor's pussy with her hand as they fucked, not even because that aroused Erica but just because Erica had internalised that that is what happened to girls when they were fucked.

Laura's turn with Taylor started more gently. She lay next to Taylor, stroked Taylor's hair and kissed her on the lips. She had had an idea of something she wanted from this pretty blonde girl. "Tell me you love me," she told Taylor.

Taylor, afraid, said, "I love you...."

"Good slut," said Laura, and stroked her hair more. She wiggled her knee between Taylor's legs and pressed it against Taylor's cunt.

"Remember when you judged me for being a slut, Taylor?" she asked the girl. "Remember when you judged me for being a rape liar?"

Taylor said nothing.

"That's all okay because now you're going to belong to me," Laura said. "Won't that be nice?"

"Laura, I'm not a lesbian..." Taylor protested.

"Neither am I," said Laura. "I'm a stupid lying fake lesbian rapetoy. And now you will be too. You're going to be my girlfriend, Taylor."

"You already have a girlfriend..." said Taylor.

"Erica's really more of a bitch than a girlfriend," said Laura "She seduces all my friends and makes it so I have to be an awful slut and be raped all the time. I hate her. I think she can be my pet now and I can have a new girlfriend who isn't so awful. That'll be you. We'll tell everyone at work, and you can come and live with us and lick my cunt every morning. Won't that be nice?"

Taylor started to cry.

"Yes, I think it will be great," said Laura. "Hush, hush, little slut." And she wiggled and moved so Taylor's face would be against her cunt, and then shut the little blonde tease up by pressing her twat up against Taylor's face. After a few moments, Taylor obediently started to lick, and Laura sighed with happiness.

And so it went. The girls were raped and pissed in until long into the night, and when they were finally sent home - all but Katy, who lived here now - the men kept their clothes, and let the girls have the unique experience of driving or walking home completely nude. The men took a brief look through the photos and decided it was Paige who had performed the worst. Paige became desperate, begging them not to release the photos, as she would be kicked out of her church and her family if the slutty photos became public knowledge. Alistair only laughed, and made her upload them to the internet as he watched, made her masturbate as she did it, and then told her when she was homeless and reviled by her family and community she could do as Katy had done - stay at his house, for the low, low price of raping three of her friends and giving up her right to stand upright, wear clothes, or speak like a human...

(To be continued...)