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The Neighbourhood 05 - 2022-06-16 - Dinner and Discoveries

2023-01-22 00:19:11

Jim meets most of the family next door: Cindy and her teen daughters. No first person sex in this one - but some interesting discoveries over dinner.

Your opinions matter, so comments with your thoughts are welcome. Constructive advice preferred, of course.

Each chapter is labelled with the themes in that chapter. There are a lot of other themes to this tale as the chapters progress, including: anal, BDSM, blowjob, BDSM, bondage and restriction, cheating, discipline, domination/submission, first time, group, humiliation, incest, lesbian, oral sex, pregnant, romance, teen, threesome, toys, voyeurism, virginity, wife, young. XNXX doesn't have a theme for 'poly' or 'polyamory', but that's in here too.


Full Disclosure:

This is a set of fantasies. Fantasy characters do things that are immoral, damaging, illegal, and (in some cases) impossible. This is a fantasy world that happens to look a lot like our world. For example, there are no sexually transmitted diseases, and the consequences incest and young sex tend to the pleasurable rather than the punitive or putrescent. In the real world these are among the most damaging perversions—abuses of power and breeches of trust. Don't confuse fantasies affairs, underage sex, and incestuous sex with reality—no matter how titillating or stimulating. There are things in this story that are horrifying libido-killers for me even in fantasy: as a writer, I follow the characters; I don't lead them. So don't fuck little girls or little boys; don't cheat on the people who care about you. Fantasy is not reality. If you read Tolkien and are tempted to pick up a sword and work your way through the Orcs in the mall, seek help; if you read this and are tempted to pick up some 12 year olds and work your way through their innocence, SEEK HELP. It's not real life! Don't force it on anyone! Now grab a phone and call for help, or grab some lube and start reading with one hand. Don't get the two confused.


Dinner and Discoveries

It was nearly 8PM when Bandana and I got home. Our house is on a steep corner in an old neighbourhood, which meant the lots were strangely arranged. We had a steep, short front yard—28 steps from the sidewalk to the front door—but our neighbours had a large, flat front yard only ten steps up from the street. Their yard was not visible from the street, but was completely visible from our house. I hadn't met them yet, but Winn had told me that Cindy bought the place after a recent divorce, and her three kids lived with her—two girls and a boy.

As Bandana and I climbed the steps, we were both confronted with unexpected, exciting sights. For Bandana, it was a pair of squirrels rummaging around in the neighbour's grass. She was already off leash, and bolted after them, leaping down from our yard to the neighbour's lawn and barking like crazy.

For me it was three women in small bikinis, bathing in the sun and sipping drinks. Bandana's barking startled all of them, but the older woman—Cindy I assumed—splashed her cocktail all over herself. She shrieked at the cold liquid pouring over her breasts and into her lap, and leaped up out of her seat. She was a handsome woman in her forties, with platinum hair, a black bikini and a very nice figure. Her daughters were both beautiful, with shoulder-length brown hair and nice bodies. They were a bit wild eyed as I jumped into their yard after the dog.

"I'm so sorry," I said, as soon as I had Bandana under control. "I'm Jim, Winn's boyfriend."

Cindy, holding her now empty glass, smiled and said, "I bet this isn't how you planned to meet your new neighbours, is it?"

"Good lord, no! Winn said you'd be back from vacation soon—we have your mail in the house. We'd planned to have you over for a barbecue when you got back." I held out my hand to Cindy, who shook with a firm, sticky grip. "If you give me a minute, I'll bring you another of whatever you're drinking," I said. "I wasn't ready for Bandana to pull a stunt like that!"

From behind me, a light voice said, "Mom's got a big jug of sangria on the go." Cindy's daughters had gotten up, and were joining their mom. "I'm Jen, and this is my sister Pam." Jen was a few years younger than Pam, and had a haughty tone and a condescending look in her eyes. Jen was stunning, almost as good looking as Katie, but as we shook hands I was struck by how much more attractive Pam was. °Clearly, this one thinks she's the shit,° I thought. °I bet she's a lousy lay.° Turning to Cindy, I said, "If I can't replace your drink, at least let me bring over some food. I was about to barbecue some burgers, and would be happy to share."

The ladies glanced at each other, and Cindy smiled again. "That's sounds good to me," she said. "Just hop over when you're ready. "Cindy said, shaking some liquid from her hand. "I'm going to go rinse this off and pour another."

"Great," I said. I lifted Bandana up to our yard, and then sprang up after her. "I'll be back in about 15 minutes."

When I got inside the house I pulled out my phone to call Winn, but paused. Through the windows at the side of the front sun-room, I could see Cindy standing in the far corner of their yard. She was sheltered from view from the street as she stripped off her bikini, but not from me. Her breasts sagged a little—not surprising with three kids and four decades—but they were very nicely shaped and had large, dark nipples. Her pussy was neatly trimmed, in a small triangle a few shades darker than her hair. As I watched in fascination, she took the hose from the side of the house and started to spray herself off. The water was cold, if her nipples were any measure, but she clearly enjoyed the spray. She lingered while hosing down her pussy, obviously using the jet of water to stimulate her clit.

I was getting hard, fast. I considered the various perversions I had engaged in or fantasized about in the last day. °I guess I can add peeping tom, to the list.°

Standing near the open windows, I discovered something else about our neighbours' yard: I could hear Pam and Jen talking quite clearly.

"Oh my god," Jen said. "He's fucking hot!" Pam said something, but a passing car obscured her words. Jen's reply confirmed my first impression. "Just 'cause you're too stuck up to fuck doesn't mean I should be too! It's not like he'll be able to turn down all this." I could imagine her proud gesture at her own body. "I'll have him in a week."

"You're a selfish brat and a slut," Pam said in a low, controlled voice. "First off, what makes you think he'd want to fuck a 16 year old bitch when he's got Winn? Think for a second before you try to grab his cock! If you fuck up his relationship with Winn it's going to make life in this neighbourhood really difficult. We just got here."

"Fuck you, bitch," Jen said. "I'll fuck him if I want to. I didn't want to live with mom anyway!"

Cindy finished drying off and wrapped a towel around herself, and the girls voices moved away, still bickering. °More and more interesting,° I thought. I knew I wouldn't have any trouble ignoring Jen's juvenile advances, but I could see fun to be had on the way. I called up Winn as I walked to the kitchen but got her voicemail. Her location showed she was still in the office, so I told her I was having dinner with Cindy, and wished her luck. "I think we're going to have fun taunting Jen—she's decided that I won't be able to resist her charms." I laughed. "Let me know if you come up with something devious. I love you. See you later, babe."

Once I had the grill on, I whipped through the shower, quickly scrubbing sweat, sand and the lake off my skin. I timed it well, and about 15 minutes after our first meeting, I was hopping down to their yard again, this time with food. Jen was lying on her stomach with her top undone and only a thong on her—basically naked except for a bit of string. Her tanned, smooth skin was definitely worth a look, but caused no real stirring. Cindy and Pam, on the other hand, were sitting on their large porch on a big sofa, wearing gauzy blue sundresses. The thin material clung to their figures in very pleasant way. I wondered if Winn would be up for anything after her very long day.

I put the food in the centre of the small table on the large porch, and pulled up a chair. Cindy handed me a drink as she sat beside me. As she lowered herself into the chair, I noticed a lot of movement under the thin cloth. °She's naked under that dress,° I thought. °This neighbourhood is nuts!° For the next hour the conversation flowed nicely, lubricated by the sangria. Jen joined us eventually, realizing that I wasn't paying any attention to her. When Pam started describing their vacation to Greece, Jen got quite bitchy, interrupting frequently with catty comments and attempts to get me to focus on her instead of her sister. I could see both of them getting frustrated—Pam because of Jen, and Jen because I was treating her like a child and ignoring her attempts to flirt with me.

Changing the topic, I asked Cindy about the neighbourhood they had moved from. Soon after Cindy starting talking, her younger daughter interrupted her. "This is boring," Jen declared. "I'm going to watch TV." She pushed away from the table, almost upsetting her mother's drink, and glared angrily at me.

"I got bored with adult conversations when I was a kid, too," I said with a biting edge to my voice. I don't tolerate rude behaviour in anyone; it makes me get... intense. Not angry, per se, but it brings out the same focus and desire to win that I get in randori (sparring). I heard Pam giggle as my words sank past Jen's arrogance, and struck a nerve. Even Cindy had to supress a smile.

"I... You... Argh!" Jen threw her chair against the table spilling some of the sangria from the bowl, and growled, "I'm not a little girl!"

I raised my eyebrows and glanced at Cindy. She looked lost in the face of her daughter's tantrum. If I had one big flaw in dealing with people, it was this: I could not put up with aggression or abuse. If someone attacked me or those around me, I always found myself in the middle of it. It was part of why I took up Aikido in the first place – getting your ass kicked is no fun.

Since Cindy was not going to step up, I did. I stood slowly, letting my disapproval and anger show, until I was looming over the table. Jen shrank back a bit, not accustomed to seeing someone react this way. I waited until her pride stiffened her spine, then quietly said, "Clean up your mess before you leave us."

Jen stared at me for a moment, then looked down at the table, and then back at me. Her face was a conflicted mess of expressions for a long moment. When she started to settle on arrogance, I barked, "Now!" All three ladies jumped at my command. Jen looked shocked to discover herself mopping up the mess with her napkin and clearing away the plates. I stood until she was done. She hesitated, very unsettled and nervous now, unsure what I would do next. I was intensely aware of all three of them, almost like I was in a multiple-opponent randori in the dojo. I waited, letting the silence get very uncomfortable for them. Finally, Pam couldn't take it any more, and took a breath as if to speak. She stopped when I shifted my weight forward slightly. Jen started to look fearful, and unconsciously leaned toward her mother. When she did that, I said "You may go," in the most arrogant, confident tone I could muster. Jen looked stricken, as if I had slapped her in the face, and turned quickly to go inside.

I sat down slowly. My mouth was dry and my throat felt sticky. °Not like a randori,° I thought. °Like a street fight.° I had been in a few as a result of my inability to let things go. I reached for my empty glass, and found Pam lifting it to the bowl and Cindy filling it. With some effort I supressed a grin, thanked them, and closed my eyes.

After a long drink, I opened them again, to find Pam was staring at me, with a combination of lust and fear on her face. Cindy was staring at Pam with a strange, almost wistful look on her's. She sighed, and said, "Thank you for never being like that."

Pam's expression cleared, and a huge infectious grin lit her face as the tension of the last few minutes fled. "That was awesome," she said. "I've never seen Jen take an order before!"

Cindy took a swig from her drink and nodded toward me. "Too bad he's taken. She's gonna need someone like you to set her straight." She sighed heavily, her gaze somewhere in the past. "I did."

Pam's grin got even bigger. "When I was a kid, Gram told me you were a really, really bad girl."

Cindy's brows went up and she leaned forward. "Did she."

Pam looked a bit smug. "She told me that she wouldn't wish a daughter like you on her worst enemy. Of course she also said she thought you'd turned out just fine."

Cindy laughed and gulped down her drink. She reached for more immediately. "What else did she tell you?"

"Well..." Pam hesitated. She seemed to have expected a different reaction.

"Trust me, baby, she said worse to my face than she said to you."

Pam's words came out in a rush. "She said from the day you turned twelve you were like a cat in heat and that no man was safe."

Cindy laughed again, though with a harder edge this time. "I think I inherited that from her, your grandmother, you know." She was definitely feeling the booze. "When I was fourteen one of my your grandfather's friends put me in my place, and kept me there for along time." Pam looked shocked as the meaning of her mother's words sank in. "I'm glad one of her granddaughters can keep her pants on." She looked at me again, thoughtfully. I thought I heard her mutter, "Too bad," but couldn't be sure. "Enough about my misspent youth," she said loudly, shaking her head. "You asked about the old neighbourhood." She smiled again, and started refilling her drink.

For the next hour the conversation wandered all over the place. Both ladies were quietly flirtatious, but with none of the competitive aggression Jen had. The thought °I've never been with a mother and daughter...° lead to the thought of fucking the hell out of Katie and KC, and then an orgy with Winn, Katie, KC, Jen, Pam and Cindy, and then to a growing bulge in my shorts.

"Earth to Jim," Cindy said. "What got you so distracted all of a sudden?"

Thinking it best to not mention my fantasies, I found myself fumbling for words.

"I bet he was thinking about Winn," Pam said, gesturing toward me and giggling. I realized she was pretty tipsy too.

"If I were Winn, I wouldn't stay late at work," Cindy said. I realized they were looking down at my crotch through the glass table.

"Uh..." I searched for something to say. °Is everyone in this neighbourhood obsessed with sex? I mean, I like this place, but, jeez!° "We, ah, we're pretty compatible when it comes to that sort of thing."

"We know," Cindy said. "When your windows are open the sound carries into the gallery upstairs." Pam was blushing furiously.

°Of course it does,° I though, recalling how easily I could hear Jen and Pam. Tipsy and horny myself, I said, "Well, I guess the only question is, do you want us to be quieter or louder?"

"Definitely louder," Cindy said, laughing. Pam blushed, but laughed just has hard.

"Speak of the devil," I said. My phone started buzzing in the "Winn's Here" pattern. I tapped my ear and said, "Hey, lover, join us over at Cindy's. We were just talking about our sex lives."

Winn appeared on the stairs a few moments later, looking somewhat haggard, but also bemused. "That's an interesting way to introduce yourself to the neighbours." I handed her a glass as she exchanged pleasantries with our hosts. In short order Winn had the three of us laughing at her crazy day, and all the absurdities of working in a big company.

"I don't miss that," Cindy said, clearly inebriated, but still in control. "I ran a chain of dance-schools before the divorce." The bitterness crept back into her voice.

"What happened to the business?" Winn asked.

"I sold it to my business partner, as part of the divorce," she said. I must have looked confused, because she explained further. "Harry was my business partner from the start—from before you were born, Pam." Pam nodded, knowing this part of the story. "Stan—my ex—was our lawyer. I'd still be in business with them both if I hadn't caught them fucking the hell out of Harry's daughter." My jaw dropped. She definitely said 'them' not 'him'. We all sat in silence for a long moment. Looking at Pam, I realized that this was a revelation for her too. Cindy, realizing what she'd said, dropped her face into her hands. Pam moved to comfort her mom.

Winn took my free hand in a strong grip as we watched Cindy cry. I could deal with a lot of things, but crying women was not one of them. "I couldn't believe what I was seeing," Cindy said. "They told me it's been going on for years, since Sasha was about seventeen." Cindy sat up straight again, pulling herself together. She wiped her eyes, then looked at her daughter. "I don't know how or why Harry and Sasha got into, well, into incest, but I was afraid your dad would be coming after one of you girls next. And with Jen the way she is..." From her voice and expression, I couldn't tell if the thought was exciting or abhorrent to her. Maybe both. Pam's face was in shadow, and unreadable.

"That's a hell of a story, Cindy," Winn said. Cindy looked startled, as if suddenly realizing that Winn and I were there. "Thank you for trusting us with it. We'll keep your confidence."

Cindy lunged at me, pulling me into a strong hug, holding me like she was drowning. I could feel her tears on my shoulder. "I never told anyone what I saw," she said. "I just wanted out. They were generous about the money, to keep me quiet." Releasing me, she smiled at Winn as she turned to hug Pam. "I'm sorry, baby. I couldn't tell you what your daddy did. I'm sorry."

I couldn't really tell how I felt; child abuse repelled me, but the 'child' was almost an adult, and just yesterday I was desperate to fuck a 12 year old, at least in fantasy. And a few minutes ago I was imagining an orgy of mothers and daughters sucking each other's cunts. My cock was a hard, obvious bulge. Clearly, some parts of me were not concerned with the incestuous part of the story.

"I can't believe Sasha was having sex with her father," Pam said, leaning forward into the light. Like her mother, her expression about the incest was ambiguous. "I think we have a lot to talk about, mom."

Winn took this as our queue to leave, and started to rise. A panicked look crossed Cindy's face. Winn said, "You guys look like you need some family time, I'm beat from today, and some parts of my man have strong opinions." I took a sharp breath and shifted in my seat as she grasped my cock. Cindy and Pam both caught the motion of her hand, and their heads snapped down to examine my bulge through the glass tabletop. Winn squeezed and released me several times as he continued, giving the ladies a good show. "I'm surprised at what happened, Cindy, but it wasn't your fault." Cindy still looked uncertain. "I won't lie to you—I had fantasies about my dad and his friends when I was a teen, and so did a lot of my girlfriends about theirs. I'm not going to have an estranged neighbour because you're embarrassed, or because they played out their fantasy!" Winn pre-interrupted Cindy by turning to Pam. "Be ready for a hot tub and barbecue at three on Saturday. You're all coming over to join us at Jon and KC's. You're not allowed to weasel out of this—none of you!" In the most comically threatening move she could make with her tiny frame, Winn leaned on the table and said, "We know where you live." She didn't know she was aping the dominant position I had taken with Jen earlier, but to the ladies it was spectacularly funny. We all burst out laughing.

"It looks like you have some business to take care of too," Pam said to Winn. Winn was still holding my meat though my shorts.


I stood up, giving them a good look. Winn casually reached into my pants to shift my cock around, until it pointed straight up over the top of my shorts. We left with Pam and Cindy looking at my boner.